A 58 -year -old woman insists on eating a onion to resist tumor every day. How about her body after half a year?

"Isn’t it to say that onions are anti -cancer? How do I eat nodules every day?"

Aunt Wang was 58 years old. During the medical examination half a year ago, it was found that there was a nodule in the lungs. Because it was relatively small, the doctor’s suggestion was to observe follow -up, and there was no medicine to let Aunt Wang go home empty -handed.

Although the doctor’s attitude is light and light, Aunt Wang is very nervous. After all, many people’s lung cancer changes with node nodules. What should I do if my nodules will change?Thinking about it, Aunt Wang always felt like a bomb in the lungs. She couldn’t eat it, and she always had insomnia at night.

My friend saw that Aunt Wang had a heavy mind and anxious, and gave her an idea -eating onions, onions can resist cancer, containing a variety of active substances to kill cancer cells.

So Aunt Wang eats a onion every day, just like a fruit, holding one in his pocket, and from time to time, he tears a few slices and eats it. Each eye is not spicy.After eating for a few days, Aunt Wang had some bloating and heartburn, but when she thought of the onion to resist cancer, she endured it.

After a review of half a year, the doctor found that Aunt Wang’s lung nodules increased, which was one of the dangerous manifestations of cancer.The results of the inspection surprised Aunt Wang.So I hurriedly asked the doctor how to eat onions every day.

"If onions can resist cancer, what do you still do if you still develop drugs, it is better to eat onions directly." The doctor replied with a smile, "It is very unreliable to fight cancer with food."

Those who have experienced the experience of cutting onions have experienced this: I cut on the onions, and suddenly I feel emotional, and I can’t stop crying … Why do you cut a vegetable, it is spicy to your eyes?

The reason why onions "tears" is because it releases a chemical called tear factors. This substance is actually a protection mechanism for onions to prevent external creatures from being violated by it.The tear factors are hidden in the onion cells. It will not stimulate it to peel on the onion simply, but when you chop it, go to the drum, and crush, the onion cells will be destroyed, which will release the tear factors and make you cry.Essence

How to cut onions without spicy eyes?

1. Frozen

Before cutting onions, you can put the onion in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes. The tear factors after refrigerating are not easy to volatilize, and it is not easy to be stimulated when processing.

2. Use water

The tear factors of onions are easily dissolved in water, so when cutting onions, you can wash the knife with water and cut it.

Onions are very common vegetables in life, but in recent years, rumors have continued to flow out, saying that onions are the king of anti -cancer, and eating more can kill cancer cells.Is the onion really so "magical effect"?

A research on onions in Kumamoto University in Japan, researchers separated from the onions from the onion and obtained a natural compound -onion.In the in vitro research experiment, researchers observed that onion vegetarian A can slow down the growth of epithelial ovarian cancer cells, and at the same time, it can also inhibit the activity of bone marrow derivation to inhibit cells and reduce the role of tumor promotion.

Researchers have analyzed that this may be because onion A A can affect the transcription factors that promote cancer, which enables them to inhibit M2 macrophages and cancer cell proliferation.

In this way, can you really achieve anti -cancer?Ma Zhiying, director of the Food Safety Professional Committee of the Shanghai Food Society, said that cancer can prevent it from eating a single food. Animal experiments or in vitro experiments are just preliminary conclusions. Food is composed of multiple components, and the human body is another oneThere are still many uncertainty if the complex body and the effect of food achieved the same answer in human tests still have the same answer.

For middle -aged and elderly people, the most attractive show is health programs.In order to compete, these programs are mixed, and they even invited the so -called "divine doctors" to introduce people to astray.

1. Mung beans

Zhang Wuben, who was "the first person in Chinese food therapy,", a "mung bean can cure all diseases", so that the mung bean is a flat bean, and suddenly the value is soaring.Zhang Wuben claimed that cancer does not need chemotherapy, and heart disease does not need to carry a life pill with you. A bowl of mung bean soup every day can treat any disease.

However, mung beans are just a kind of food, and there is no treatment effect. In the end, Zhang Benwu had diabetes and cerebral infarction, and had to live in the hospital.

2. Garlic

Due to its unique spicy taste, garlic is an auxiliary material for family cooking.But I do not know when, garlic is touted as "anti -cancer vegetables".In fact, no study shows that garlic can directly reduce the risk of cancer. Although studies have confirmed that garlic is effective in preventing colorectal cancer, these studies are relatively rough, and the principle of garlic anti -cancer is not explained.

3, okra

Okra has a strange taste. It has many mucus itself, so it is advocated by many merchants as "green ginseng" and is the nemesis of cancer.The mucus of okra is just okra polysaccharide, of which 50%are soluble cellulose, which belong to dietary fiber. Other ingredients are some vitamins and minerals, which are no different from other vegetables.So there is nothing special.

There are many vegetables and fruits with anti -cancer effects on the Internet. In fact, there are no special effects of anti -cancer. It is expected that eating more foods can stay away from cancer, which is too imaginative.If you want to eat health, you still need to master the amount of food, pay attention to nutritional balance, and diverse food according to different constitution, age and other factors, in order to prevent the occurrence of cancer.”””Zero plan”

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