A 59 -year -old man insists on eating garlic sterilization and anti -tumor every day. How about his body after three months?

As a common condiment in life, the nutritional value is also relatively high. There are also a variety of vitamins and other substances. It is appropriate to eat some garlic, which is very good for physical benefits. It can play a strong health effect.

Not only that, some people point out that if you eat garlic often, it can have the effect of sterilization and anti -tumor. Is this really the case?Let ’s take a look at a case.

【case analysis】

Chen Kai (pseudonym), 59, is also a person who lives in the countryside. Since the death of his wife, in order not to bother the children, he also rejected the child and received him in the city.

Occasionally, his child will bring his grandson back to visit him, and he will feel very happy.

And his wife died of cancer, and relatives and friends around him gradually died of cancer, which also made him feel very scared.Worried that you will suffer from cancer, so you have been seeking some ways to prevent cancer.

Later, he learned that a simple way is that eating garlic can have the effect of sterilization and anti -cancer. So is this approach really effective?

In this way, Uncle Chen insisted on three months, but did not expect that there was severe pain in the abdomen, so he hurried to the hospital for examination, and actually suffered from gastritis. This also made Uncle Chen feel very scared. He also asked the doctor and obviously.It is garlic anti -cancer. How can there be problems with the stomach?

Later, the doctor explained that although garlic contains a variety of vitamins and other substances, especially some of the substances belong to organic vulcanized compounds, including garlic, can activate the human body’s phagocytes, and can also decompose cancer cells, help to prevent preventionThe effect of cancer anti -cancer.

In particular, the selenium element can also play a role in anti -cancer, so it has a certain effect in preventing cancer.

However, it must be noted that although there are certain experiments in the aspect of garlic anti -cancer, the experiments are used for garlic extracts, and they are not directly eaten garlic.

The content of garlicin in garlic is relatively small. After being absorbed by the human body, the effect is also minimal, and it cannot achieve the effect of anti -cancer.

In addition, garlic is more irritating. Too much intake can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa damage and induce gastrointestinal diseases.Therefore, eating garlic can not be completely anti -cancer and anti -cancer, but it will cause damage to the body. I hope you can keep in mind.

1. Improve cardiovascular health: Garlic contains a large amount of sulfide and other beneficial compounds, which can reduce blood pressure, remove fat and cholesterol in blood vessels, and protect heart and blood vessel health.

2. Enhance immunity: Garlic contains antioxidants and anti -inflammatory ingredients, which can enhance the function of the immune system and reduce the risk of infection and disease.

3. Anti -cancer effect: Sulfur sulfonal albumin and other compounds in garlic have anti -cancer effects and can reduce the occurrence of cancer.

4. Antibacterial effect: Garlic contains natural antibiotics, which can kill various bacteria and viruses and reduce the occurrence of infection and disease.

5. Helps digestion: Garlic can enhance the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract, alleviate gastric and intestinal discomfort and indigestion.

Therefore, we can understand that if you eat garlic, there are more benefits for your body. You can eat it appropriately, but you should also pay attentionA certain impact.

1. Causes indigestion: The vulcanized compound of garlic can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, leading to the symptoms of digestive systems such as indigestion, flatulence, and diarrhea.

2. Cause bad breath: The special taste and ingredients of garlic will be emitted through breathing, sweat and other channels. Long -term excessive consumption may produce bad breath.

3. Increase the risk of allergies: some people are allergic to garlic, excessive consumption will increase the risk of allergies.

4. Affecting the efficacy of drugs: The special ingredients of garlic may affect the efficacy of certain drugs, such as antihypertensive drugs, anticoagulant drugs, immunosuppressants, etc.

5. Increase the risk of bleeding: The anticoagulation effect of garlic may increase the risk of bleeding, and pay special attention to people who take anticoagulant drugs.

1. Adhering to exercise: exercise can help strengthen physical immunity and reduce the risk of cancer.It is recommended to perform medium -intensity exercise at least 150 minutes per week.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which helps prevent cancer.

3. Control weight: Obesity is related to a variety of cancers, so we must control weight and maintain a healthy level.

4. Quit smoking limit wine: long -term smoking and excessive drinking are carcinogenic factor, and smoking quitting restrictions.

5. Avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays: UV rays in the sun are one of the factors of carcinogenic, and should be far away from the environment where the exposure time is too long.

6. Regular physical examination: Regular physical examinations can help early detection of cancer symptoms and improve the success rate of treatment.

7. Control the food processing method: Excessive temperature, scorching, smoking and other food processing methods may also lead to the production of carcinogens.Therefore, you should try to choose the method of mild cooking and low temperature heating.

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