A attraction fish collectively gains weight, but it is not pregnant. What is going on?

Recently, in Jinan, Shandong, the fish in the Tu Tuquan is famous. Why?Because each of the fish looks fat.It seems to be pregnant, but can’t so many fish get pregnant collectively?

Later, after some explanation of Uncle Secretary, we realized that in fact, these fish were not pregnant, but they just became fat.

So why do these fish become so fat?Where is the reason for their collective gain?

As a famous attraction in Jinan, Tu Tuquan usually weekends, Saturday, Sunday, many adults bring their children, and tourists from other places will come to play.

There are no tourists from feeding fish in the scenic area, so many parents will bring a lot of steamed buns and biscuits to eat fish in order to allow their children to experience the fun of feeding fish.

The adults of the children looked at the fish very happy. They were happy, but they had been in time for a long time. These fish slowly became fat and fattened like blowing the ball.

Others said that when I went last time, I saw an uncle who was feeding the rain and eating lamb skewers.Someone jumped out and said that the fish was eaten with oil spin, sesame cakes and buns …

Look at this fish’s food …

I was thinking: Uncle, why don’t you give fish bottle beer again?

This kind of feeding method has even been killed.Someone joked that each of the fish in the Tu Tuquan had a beer belly, and they should go to the gym collectively.

I sometimes take children there to play there, but we did not feed steamed buns. Coincidentally, we bought three old breads in the attractions before, especially the one, with three dollars.

The child looked at the fish fun, and he lost a lot of old bread inside.Now think about the fish, it seems that this fish really can’t help it, steamed buns, bread, biscuits, skewers, buns, can you not be fat?

Sigh!Carbo water really eats less.

Many netizens say that looking at the state of the fish today, it makes me understand a truth: eating carbohydrates is indeed easy to gain weight.

There is also the most important point: swimming really cannot lose weight.

Some people say more naughty: As long as you have a good constitution, eating buns and drinking cold water can still gain weight.

The reply of netizens is also funny: it seems that we can’t bring gimmicks in the future.With more broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber slices, etc., so that the fish should lose weight.

Unexpectedly, our Dajuquan of Da Jinan was famous for several fat fish.

Just blame the fish in the wrong place. If it was born in the south, it is estimated that it would not be so fat. The northerners really love to eat steamed buns, and even feeding fish is a steamed bun.

Don’t feed anymore in the future, it is not easy to look at the fish.Tourists go to feed things. If you do n’t eat, you do n’t respect the tourists. If you eat it, you will get fat. It ’s really embarrassing.

I want to say:

Here I still have to advise everyone not to make a bun biscuits fed the fish in order to coax the children to play, it is not easy to be a fish!

I think the staff of the scenic area should introduce a reminder.Customers can feed fish, but do not feed them wantonly, restrict the number of fish people every day. Can the fish stand this way of eating?

Tourists who go in and play are still conscious.After all, fish are used to watch, not for feeding.The staff in the scenic area will take care of those fish, and our tourists will appreciate it.

Be a civilized tourist, don’t let it go at will.It also shows our civilized style of Da Jinan.

Since knowing that the fish of the Tunno Spring has become fat, many tourists actually said funny: I will not bring a steamed bun next time, I will replace him with coarse grains or vegetables. Is this okay?

Do you think that the vegetables will not be fat when you eat coarse grains?

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