A beautiful pregnant woman in Chengdu has been violently violent, the intestines are interrupted, and the pulse stops

Recently, a news that "pregnant women have been violently violent" has been pushed up on a hot search, causing a lot of onlookers from netizens. They have expressed their sympathy for the woman, and they also strongly condemned the violent man.With anger!

According to several media reports, Xie Mou, a 29 -year -old woman in Chengdu, Sichuan, has been violently domesticated by her husband since she was pregnant.

According to the interview video, Xie was very beautiful. When facing the camera interview, it was distressing.According to Xie Mou, she met her husband for three years and had a banquet for two years. She found that the two had a certificate during pregnancy. During the seven months of pregnancy, her husband had no unscrupulous family violence.There was no reason to beat once.In the video, Ms. Xie showed the situation of being beaten to reporters. The redness of the blockbuster on the neck should have just wiped off the blood, which seemed particularly eye -catching and eye -catching.

Ms. Xie’s head, a few centimeters long wounds, the black and red blood on it has solidified, making people look shocking.

According to Ms. Xie, on April 15, because of domestic violence began to separate, she applied to the court for a personal protection order and divorce lawsuit.On the morning of April 24th, the materials were submitted to the court. The husband who asked after many inquiries that night could find Ms. Xie. I couldn’t help saying that I took Ms. Xie to the hotel and confiscated Ms. Xie’s mobile phone.Due to the torture of her husband’s non -human, her hair, slapped, and hit the wall with their heads, and she might be used to put Ms. Xie to death, basically she did not stay behind.Tired, her husband lay on the bed and rest. Ms. Xie, who was beaten all over the body, begged her husband to "see himself in the birth of a child", but in exchange for the husband’s new round of beating.

Until the morning, Ms. Xie heard the bustling aisle outside. Someone came and went. Ms. Xie, who was holding the opportunity, opened the door to call for help. She was dragged into the room with her hands covering her mouth and nose with her hands.Fortunately, a elder brother who passed by spoke, warned her husband to "report to the police" and asked him to take me to the hospital immediately.

At this time, the husband may have realized that if things are big, he will be severely punished.So the husband began to promise to send his wife to seek medical treatment.However, during the process of being taken to the hospital, dragging and pulling, cheering and taking the wrong way. When I was taken to the hospital, Ms. Xie had deeply coma. I woke up three days later.In minutes, it will lose the meaning of rescue.

This family violence caused an irreversible damage to Ms. Xie. In addition to the surghered harm, her liver, kidney, gastrointestinal and other organs were harmed to varying degrees.Breaking, stools, etc. entering the body, polluting the body.At present, an operation has been performed, and a mouth is opened on the stomach, and a bag is hung for excretion of feces. Such a bag should accompany Ms. Xie for life.

At present, Ms. Xie’s husband has been detained.It is really hell empty, the devil is in the world.Can you get your daughter -in -law?This is not a beatings, this is simply murder, waiting for him will be severe punishment and uneasiness in the law.

Xiaobian wants to say, long snacks, from the first family violence to the sixteenth time, what are you doing in the middle?I advise you that if you find a partner in the future, you must polish your eyes and see the character, so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

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