A Blaska woman admits to help her daughter perform a medical abortion FACEBOOK record to provide law enforcement evidence

A Blaska woman admits to help her daughter conduct a drug abortion last year.The legal lawsuit against her depends on Facebook’s decision to provide the authorities with a private information about the latter termination of the latter to terminate the pregnancy plan.The case is a vivid example that explains how to use large technology companies to help the United States prosecute abortion. In 2022, the US Supreme Court overturned the Roe V. Wade case, which was legalized in 1973.

Experts warn that location data, search history, emails, text messages, and even menstrual and ovulation tracking applications can now be used to prosecute people who seek abortion and those who assist them. This case shows that they have the right to do so.

Meta, which has Facebook, could have challenged legal orders that handed private information to the police, just as it and other technology companies sometimes made for various reasons, but it did not.Private news on Facebook Messenger shows how the two discuss plans to terminate pregnancy and destroy evidence, including mothers’ instructions on how to use drugs to terminate pregnancy.This information directly leads to a search order from the court.

Police raided the family’s home and confiscated six smartphones and seven laptops, Internet historical records and email data for a total of 24 GB.

Meta did not respond in time, but last year the company issued a statement, and some of them were as follows:

Prior to the ruling of the Supreme Court, no content in the effective search order received from the local law enforcement department in early June mentioned abortion.The arrest warrant involved the allegations related to criminal investigation. The court documents showed that the police were investigating a case of a dead baby who was burned and buried, not a decision to abandon abortion.

The local police said that the initial investigation was because "a girl … the worry about the next death of the next birth".Just as we wrote in 2022: "A 17 -year -old girl and a hidden dead yield seem to be worth more careful inspections, rather than a package funding for all the children’s data. Especially considering that the United States was the highest around the United States at that time around the highest aroundThe court overturned the Roy’s decision to sue Wade’s decision. "Meta has been reluctant to take a position on the abortion issue.

According to the confession agreement, her mother Jessica Burgess acknowledged that she provided her daughter with abortion medicine at the time after 20 weeks of pregnancy, which was illegal at the time.In May of this year, the Republican Governor Gim Peron signed a bill for 12 weeks of pregnancy and took effect immediately.

Bergis also acknowledged false reports and the charges of human skeletal remains.According to the court documents, the mother helped her daughter to burn and bury a aborted fetus. The authorities later dug the fetus from a field in northern Norf.The court rejected the allegations of concealing the death of others and abortion by people other than a practitioner.Madison county prosecutor Joe Smith said the case was the first time he accused illegal abortion after 20 weeks.

Jessica Burgez is scheduled to be sentenced on September 22, and she is trying two IV -level felony allegations and a level I light crime allegations.In Nebraska, the fourth level of felony is usually sentenced to two -year imprisonment, a fine of 10,000 US dollars, or two.Class I Light crime can be sentenced to a maximum of one year in prison, a fine of 10,000 US dollars, or two.

The 18 -year -old Celesete Burgess was charged as an adult last year and acknowledged the crime of removing, hiding or abandoning the corpse in May.Her sentencing hearing is scheduled to be held on July 20, and she will face a maximum of two years.

Last summer, a man was sentenced to probation because of helping women to bury the fetus on his parents’ land, so they were sentenced to probation.

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