A early pregnancy reaction also occurred, but it was "oolong pregnancy"!Where did the bug come out?

The 28 -year -old neighbor wanted the baby. After studying the pregnancy preparing guide from Dr. Fu Hong, she and her husband began to prepare for pregnancy.Sometimes she sent WeChat and told me that she dreamed of being pregnant again, but when she woke up, she found that she was just dreaming, and her mood would inevitably be embarrassed.I often comfort her pregnancy is a matter of water, and don’t care too much.

Just one day in July this year, she came to the gynecological clinic to find me, telling me that her menstruation had been postponed for one week, and there was a reaction of dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.The described early pregnancy response, one by one, this is the signal of pregnancy!

"Dr. Fu, my husband knows that I am happy like a child, and he immediately told our parents and relatives and friends. Now I am except for continuing oral folic acid tablets to prevent neural tube malformations, prohibit sexual life, pay attention to rest, maintain a comfortable mood comfortablyWhat else do you need to pay attention to? "Two happy blushing flushed on her face.

"I need to check you for your urine pregnancy test first. Determine whether you are pregnant." I said seriously to 芊.

I gave her a list of urine checking trials. She took the test sheet and opened the fee to pay the fee. When she came back with the result, she was dissatisfied with her mouth and said, "Pay Dr., your hospital’s testingAs a result, it was not accurate at all. My menstruation was all life. There were still so obvious early pregnancy reactions, but I couldn’t find my pregnancy! By the way, I know, maybe because I drank water in the morning and the urine was diluted. I will tomorrow morningCome again and check again. "

The menstrual period is very regular. The cycle is 27 to 28 days. The menstrual period is 5 days, and the amount is normal. There is no dysmenorrhea.I asked her when she was in the same room, and she answered the middle period of menstruation, before and after the ovulation period.

I directly gave her a test of blood checking blood βHCG (velvet fur membrane promoted gonadotropin). Shortly after the fertilized egg was bed, I could use the radiological immune method to test the βHCG elevation in the blood of the subject.

The serum βHCG returns 2miu/ml, and the result is still unpaid.Seeing the result of not pregnancy, the tears of the tears told me that she was looking forward to being able to conceive every day, and there was no energy at work. Why can’t I be pregnant?Since I can’t get pregnant, I will come on time, and even the menstruation will be bullied, letting her happy!

The menstrual period is the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. As a healthy woman with a history of sexual life during the age of childbearing age, the rules of menstrual cycle are usually taken into account.For more than 10 days, you should be highly suspected of pregnancy.

In addition to menopause, the signal of early pregnancy also has early pregnancy reactions such as chills, dizziness, salivation, fatigue, drowsiness, lack of appetite, lack of appetite, lack of appetite, lack of appetite, nausea, nausea, morning vomiting and other early pregnancy reactions; frequent urination, conscious breast swellingDeepenation of pain and nipple areola coloring is also a manifestation of early pregnancy.

However, the history of stopping menstruation is not necessarily pregnancy. For example, due to the changes in mental and environmental, diseases, drugs, drugs, endocrine disorders, etc. can also cause a menstrual period or amenorrhea.Individuals are particularly afraid of pregnancy or urgent expectations of pregnancy not only to be amenorrhea, but also a series of early pregnancy reactions such as dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, tiredness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, causing fake pregnancy.

In the text, the eager hope is to get pregnant as soon as possible, and the result of "fake pregnancy" or "oolong pregnancy" occur.

I understood that I was "oolong pregnancy", and I was embarrassed.

Two months later, the relaxed mood was pregnant with the baby!When she appeared in front of me again, I decided to check her urine to be clear whether she was pregnant.

"Dr. Fu, this time I have a 100 % grasp to be sure that I am pregnant. Because I have used a testing precise pregnancy test pen to test at home."

After checking the urine, the result was really prompting early pregnancy, because she had stopped menstruation for 46 days, and I gave her a pelvic B -ultrasound checklist. The result was prompting: 6+ weeks of early pregnancy, showing the fetal heart beating.

For female friends who are preparing for children, they are anxious, but for such beautiful things as pregnant, I hope that friends will not have to be too anxious.

For women around 30 years old, only 20%of women can be pregnant every month, so this month can’t be pregnant, work harder next month, not late for a year, right?Of course, women who are older than 35 have not moved for half a year of pregnancy, and you must actively check for the reason!

Is the early pregnancy reaction also pregnant?It is really not necessarily.In order to avoid embarrassing "oolong pregnancy", at this time, if you can’t come to the hospital for pregnancy in time, you also need such a accurate pregnancy test pen.

Reminder: The pregnancy test pen is used in vitro qualitative detection of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in urine as auxiliary examination, and the pregnancy test can only verify whether you are aurbin hormone concentration.Pregnancy is still ectopic pregnancy (abnormal pregnancy), is a good internal pregnancy or abnormal pregnancy such as internal pregnancy or biochemical pregnancy. The final result still requires your regular hospital for treatment.Determine!

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