A pregnant woman in Jinwan bleeds late at night, and the nucleic acid was positive. A emergency rescue would help her out of danger.

Pregnant women have severe bleeding, and new crown nucleic acid is positive.At a critical moment, an emergency rescue was staged at Zhuhai Hospital of Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital.The hospital launched an emergency plan in time to perform surgery for patients.After intense surgery, the patient’s condition was stable and transferred to the positive area ward of the popular ruling.It is reported that this is also the first new crown diagnosis patient surgery implemented by the Jinwan District.

At about 10 pm on December 15th, Li Zongtao, a doctor of gynecology from the Provincial Medical Zhuhai Hospital, received an emergency call from the emergency department. The emergency department informed that a pregnant woman in the early stages of pregnancy came to the clinic.After diagnosis, the patient has blood accumulation and a large amount of blood clots in the vagina. It is estimated that the medical history has been estimated to have bleed 500ml within 4 hours.The preliminary diagnosis of the on -site considering "inevitable abortion" was considered, and the possibility of "uterine scar pregnancy abortion bleeding" was considered after an ultrasonic examination. The situation was very critical.

At this time, the patient’s nucleic acid results report was positive, and the risk of surgical infection was extremely high.

Save life higher than everything!With the cooperation of the various departments, the hospital immediately launched the emergency plan for the treatment of the new crown nucleic acid -positive cases. At 3:27 am on the 16th, the patient was performed for the patient in the negative pressure surgery room No. 1 of the operating room.

During the operation, in order to reduce the risk of medical staff’s infection, all medical staff implemented a "secondary protection", but it increased the difficulty of the operation of the medical staff.All medical staff overcome the unfavorable conditions such as blurred vision, difficulty breathing, and inconvenient operations, and carried out surgery carefully, patiently, and meticulously, which lasted about half an hour.

Patients undergo follow -up treatment in the positive ward of the positive zone.

Fortunately, the surgery process was smooth, and the patient’s condition was stable after surgery. It has now moved to the positive area ward of the popular ruling.

With superb and professional technology, he goes all out to save every life.Under the epidemic, they used actual actions to build a solid barrier to protect the lives of the people and their health.Like the medical staff!

[Writing] South China Daily reporter Dong Qianjun

[Correspondent] Zhan Yanchao

[Author] Dong Qianjun

[Source] Southern Newspaper Media Group South+Client

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