A transsexual couple in India, successful pregnancy and having children. In the future

Men are married and women are married. This is a common sense. It is not surprising. But if a person, if he has a transgender surgery, is he be a "marriage" or a "marriage"?

Recently, foreign media reported that a special couple in India successfully solved the problem of whether the transgender person was married or married.

Husband Zhahd, 23 years old.When he was born, his gender was a woman, but when Zhahd entered adolescence, he realized that although he was a daughter, he was a man. He didn’t like men, but preferred women.

Therefore, he boldly frank to his family, he liked the same sex, and made a girlfriend.

However, this frankness did not get the understanding of the family. In the face of accusations, Zhad did not choose to compromise, but ran away from home.

Since then, Zhard has undergone a transsexual surgery, bid farewell to his daughter, and has been injected with hormones to inhibit estrogen secretion.

His wife Zia Paval, 21 years old.She is a small and famous dancer who has been keen to dance since she was a child.But unfortunately, Paval is a man, which makes conservative parents unacceptable. They prevented Paval from dancing and cut off Paval’s long hair.

In order to pursue her dream, she also chose to run away from home.

After that, she abandoned the man, studied dance at a transsexual dance school, and became a dance teacher.

In this way, the two special experiences were romantic three years ago, the lack of family, and the same encounters made the two of them quickly and combined together.

After working together for a year and a half, his wife Paval suddenly proposed to want a child, but obviously, Paval does not have this function. The only hope of pregnancy is to be entrusted to the husband Zhad, who has not yet been removed.

However, Zahard expressed his rejection at first, because he didn’t want to do anything with his daughter anymore. Moreover, if his body was really pregnant, he would also attract many strange eyes.

But his wife’s persistence still moved Zhard.So the two stopped the injection of transgender hormones at the same time, and shortly after, Zhad successfully conceived a fetus.

On February 8th, on Wednesday, Paval posted a good news on the social platform. Her child was born smoothly, and the child’s body was healthy, but her husband Zahad could not feed the baby breast milk.Feed some milk.

After the local Minister of Health learned of this special circumstances, he congratulated the couple and specified the hospital to treat Zhard and baby for free, and extracted breastfeeding the baby from the breast library.

His wife Paval is proud of the child’s birth, because she believes that she has already created a precedent and opened a new door for gender.

Everyone’s life has different paths and different choices.

For a transsexual person like Palvan, I choose to respect and bless.

But what kind of path will I face that their children will face in the future?

The child did not choose the power to be born. When he went to school, he found that the classmates were "mother born". Only he was "born in his father". How should he face his parents, whether he will be accepted by school or evenIs it a strange vision of society?

I just wanted to give birth to the child, but did not consider the problems facing the child in the future. From this perspective, the couple were indeed a bit selfish.

I also hope that this husband and wife can have any good way to make their children grow up healthily.

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