A wisdom teeth during pregnancy almost caused tragedy … Pregnant mothers who have this situation must pay attention!

"Toothache is not a disease, it is really terrible to hurt." It was originally a word that people were ridiculed in life, but did not expect to happen to a pregnant mother.

A pregnant mother suffered from wisdom teeth due to wisdom teeth and was tortured by wisdom tooth pain during pregnancy. Because of fear of a bad impact on the fetus in the belly, he had not been treated.In 8 months, symptoms such as mandibular swelling, dyspnea, severe anemia, and hyperglycemia occur.Subsequently, conservative treatment was taken.Shortly after treatment, the baby’s fetal heart suddenly appeared abnormal, and the pregnant mother had complications, and she could only cesters the section in advance.

The birth of a child caused the pregnant mother to be stimulated, and the maxillofacial infection caused the whole body to poisoning, and the situation was not optimistic.Subsequently, after the surgery was cut into the trachea pus, it was transferred to the ICU for treatment after surgery, and the situation was gradually stabilized.

How to bear wisdom tooth pain during pregnancy is good.

On the issue of wisdom teeth pain, ordinary people will be painful and difficult to settle.It is even more troublesome for mothers during pregnancy.Especially in the first three months of pregnant mothers, there is a situation of wisdom tooth pain at this time. Do not blindly extract teeth.Because removing wisdom teeth will definitely use anesthetic, and hemp medicine will affect the health of the fetus.There may even be abortion.In the late pregnancy, premature birth will be caused.Therefore, oral health during pregnancy is very important.

Although it is not recommended during pregnancy, it does not show that tooth pain can only be tolerated.Generally, the main treatment methods in the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester are mainly to relieve pain.Complete treatment can be performed postpartum.If the situation is not particularly serious, the treatment of in the middle of pregnancy is more appropriate.

You should communicate with the obstetrician before taking the medicine.Oral diseases during pregnancy are generally avoided by the whole body. Penicillin, cephalosporin, and acetaminophen belong to Class B drugs should be used with careful indications.

There are also some caries in pregnant women before pregnancy. They did not check the treatment in time before pregnancy. The sudden pain during pregnancy was unbearable. It was not convenient to complete all treatment during this period. It can temporarily only do analgesic emergency treatment that will not affect the fetus.After giving birth, complete follow -up treatment.

Of course, there may be many causes of toothache during pregnancy. However, it is recommended not tolerate. You should seek the help of a doctor in time, and then obey the doctor’s advice and determine the treatment plan.

Pregnant mothers with wisdom teeth may have the phenomenon of wisdom tooth crown inflammation. Generally, physiological saline and hydrogen peroxide are used for crowning.Do not use drug treatment, and it is also prohibited from the use of iodine glycerin (iodide glycerin belongs to the X -level drug) for ordinary patients.This is just a method of treating acute inflammation, and it does not guarantee that wisdom teeth are not inflamed again in the later period.

Those with habitual abortion and premature history should be more cautious.

It is recommended to wash your teeth in the middle of pregnancy.During pregnancy, gum bleeding symptoms, swelling of gums, and even gingival tumors should be treated in time to treat the situation in time.

It is not recommended to correct the teeth during pregnancy.During pregnancy, endocrine changes and changes in eating habits, coupled with pregnancy reactions such as pantothenic acid vomiting, it is not easy to control oral hygiene.

Correct teeth are not recommended during pregnancy. Due to the changes in the level of female hormone and dietary habits during pregnancy, and the decrease in oral maintenance, it is easy to suffer from gingivitis, periodontitis, gingival tumors during pregnancy, caries, crown inflammation and other oral cavity.disease.

It is recommended that women with childcare during pregnancy perform professional oral examinations before pregnancy to deal with existing oral problems, such as cleaning dental cleaning, treating dental caries, and removing wisdom teeth.In addition to daily oral maintenance during pregnancy, it is best to regularly consult the dentist to achieve early prevention and treatment of the disease.

When encountering the acute attack of the disease, you should find professional dentists in time. Do not take drugs yourself to avoid delays or aggravate the condition.

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