A woman in Ningbo went to see the emergency department and knew that she was going to be pregnant

China Ningbo News (Reporter Chen Min Shen Liping Correspondent Zheng Yu) Lying on the sick bed, Ms. Chen still has some backs. From 11 pm on January 25th, she has experienced all from knowing pregnancy to giving birth to children.The process, like a dream, suddenly gave birth to a second child.

Ms. Chen, who lives in Lizhou District, is 30 years old and has an 8 -year -old son.On January 23, she felt her stomach always painful."I didn’t care at the time, thinking that I had a bad stomach, and I just passed by thinking about it …" After two days of boiling, my stomach pain was not only alleviated, but it was getting more and more painful.Come to the emergency treatment of Lizhou People’s Hospital with the family’s company.

When I came to the emergency room of the hospital, Ms. Chen estimated that she might have been bad, so she hung up the surgical number.To Ms. Chen’s big and round belly, the doctor asked, "Are you pregnant?"

"No, I’m just fat." Ms. Chen replied a little bit.However, the doctor still felt a little strange, so she issued a test sheet for urine pregnancy tests. The results of the examination made Ms. Chen dumbfounded, positive, Ms. Chen was really pregnant.

Subsequently, Ms. Chen was transferred to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital.Ye Youchun, the obstetrician of the doctor, further checked and found that Ms. Chen was red, and the palace mouth had been opened for 3 cm. This was going to be born.

Faced with this sudden news, Ms. Chen’s husband was helpless. It was not until the doctor repeatedly urged him. Ms. Chen was about to give birth. He hurried to go through the hospitalization formalities, and he slowed down.

Ye Youchun learned that Ms. Chen usually has irregular menstruation. It has been menstruation in 1 to two times a year, and the nursery rings are released 4 years ago.Usually, she never thought of checking if she was still in the uterine cavity.Ye Youchun found that the fetal heart was slowing down during his contraction for Ms. Chen, and she quickly performed an emergency cesarean section surgery for her.After opening the abdominal cavity, Ye Youchun was frightened by the situation in the palace: the amniotic fluid turned yellow and mixed with fetal manure. Fortunately, the surgery was smooth and the mother and child were safe.However, because Ms. Chen did not know she was pregnant, she took many drugs during pregnancy and never checked. Newborns needed further observation.

Ms. Chen, who was lying on the bed, was still at a loss. "I have put the birth ring, how can I think that she would still be pregnant." Ms. Chen told the author that her menstruation was irregular, and it was often a year.One or twice, so even if you are unwell, you don’t think about it.

According to Ye Youchun, a woman who had a pregnancy experience, but did not know she was pregnant again, she took at least 2 cases a year.According to her analysis, it may be related to Ms. Chen’s irregular menstruation, dullness of fetal movement, and fatter body shape. Moreover, Ms. Chen is subjectively thinking that she will not get pregnant after the birth ring.Inside the palace.Ye Youchun said that no birth ring was found during the operation. It was possible that the birth ring was expelled for a long time. It may also be moved to the pelvic cavity.

"This situation is actually very dangerous. I do n’t know if I do n’t know if I am pregnant. Once they are pregnant, they have a greater impact on pregnant women and fetuses." Ye Youchun mentioned that due to the pathological changes of the placentaThe huge cause of dystocia, both can increase the mortality rate and neonatal suffix rate of the siege; and the mother will increase the surgical yield significantly due to fetal distress, the pots of the bowl, and the prolonged production process.Ye Youchun reminded that if you have symptoms of pregnancy, you must check in time.

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