A woman with a big belly in Bin County was smiled and pregnant, and the surgery took out the uterine fibroids more than 4 pounds!

Ms. Zhang (pseudonym), who lives in Bin County, 42 years old, is optimistic and cheerful. She has a good body.Until the last two months, I found that the more I wore the clothes on my body, the tighter, and the belly became bigger and bigger. When I went out, I was always joking with friends that it was "pregnant."Ms. Zhang, who has a cheerful personality, always smiled and replied: "That is, in response to the call for government policies to have a second child!"

Ms. Zhang, who thought it was fat, recently touched her stomach, and her stomach had begun to hurt in the past 4 days. Ms. Zhang decided to go to Harbin to do a related inspection.After being introduced by a friend, she came to the Maria Maternity Hospital of Heilongjiang. This investigation learned that she "conceived" a bunch of uterine fibroids.

Ms. Zhang’s abdomen has a huge block. The color Doppler ultrasound test found that multiple fibroids were found between her uterine muscles. Among them, the larger fibroid volume was about 124 × 74mm, and diagnosed as a huge uterine fibroids.

After admission, Peng Chunjie, director of the gynecological ward and doctor of medicine, further confirmed his condition. Due to the multiple uterine fibroids, some huge ones had more than 12cm or more, and it was not ruled out that there was a possibility of evil.Patients have also performed dilute gallbladder surgery, laparoscopic left fallopian tube resection, and uterine fibroid nuclear divisions. The re -surgery has certain risks and difficulty.Director Peng led the gynecological team and the anesthesiology department after sufficient preoperative discussions, and finally formulated a thorough surgical plan to implement Ms. Zhang a back -ended uterine full -end uterine all -abdominal uterine+right fallopian tube resection+pelvic adhesion and pine solution.+Intestinal adhesion.The uterus can be seen significantly during surgery. Multi -nobial uterine fibroids and cervical fibroids have the largest uterine fibroids of 130*80mm. The uterus weighs more than 4 pounds.The operation took one and a half hours, the surgery was smooth, and the patient recovered well after surgery.

Director Peng reminds female friends that the incidence of uterine fibroids is very high. If it is found that too much menstrual flow, abnormal leucorrhea, vaginal bleeding, and consciousness of the abdomen should be seek medical treatment early.It may develop onset whether it is before or after marriage.Especially women over 30 years old have about 40%of people suffering from different degrees of uterine fibroids. Due to the location relationship of many uterine fibroids, they do not have too obvious symptoms.

Many women feel that their bodies have changed and they think they are fat; at this time, they must be vigilant, and it is likely that uterine fibroids are in trouble.Therefore, women must pay attention to relevant gynecological examinations, and do women’s health examination at least once a year, so as to find out, check, and treat early in time.

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