Abdominal pain after pregnancy, pregnant women do not care, may be caused by four factors, which has a great impact

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After pregnancy, pregnant women basically have abdominal pain, but many pregnant women treat it as a normal pregnancy reaction.In fact, abdominal pain also has the difference between physiological abdominal pain and pathological abdominal pain. Some abdominal pain do not have to worry too much, and pregnant women just take more rest.But if it is pathological abdominal pain, this is abnormal situation. Pregnant women should pay more attention, otherwise it is likely to hurt the fetus.

1. Chuererive abortion

If the pregnant woman has a faint pain in her stomach, and it is accompanied by the situation of redness, or if she feels a feeling of falling on the abdomen, this may be a threatened abortion.At this time, don’t think that it is normal for pregnant women and go to the hospital with time.If it is indeed a sign of threatened abortion, it is necessary to inject progesterone with the guidance of the doctor for tires.During this period, pregnant women are best to rest more in bed, and avoid life of husband and wife.At the same time, the nutrition of pregnant women must also keep up, and maintain a good mentality, which has an important role in protecting the fetus.

2. Extra -gynecological abdominal pain

Generally, this kind of abdominal pain occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, and severe pain occurs in the lower abdomen of the pregnant woman, and it is likely to be caused by vaginal bleeding or fainting, which is likely to be caused by ectopic pregnancy.After this happens, pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination in time to confirm whether it is an ectopic pregnancy.If the pregnant woman is an ectopic pregnancy, the abdominal cavity will acute bleeding and severe pain. If there is too much bleeding without stopping it in time, the pregnant woman will prone to dizziness, decreased blood pressure, and pale complexion.

3. Intestinal obstruction

Pregnant women may also be caused by intestinal obstruction. Generally, it is characterized by persistent or paroxysmal intestinal colic, which is more common in pain around the navel.The main cause of intestinal obstruction in pregnant women is that the substances in the intestine are hindered when passing, which enhances the intestinal motility of the above parts of the obstruction, and then triggers the severe colic of the paroxysmal.

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4. Acute gastroenteritis

If pregnant women have acute gastroenteritis, abdominal pain will also occur, but pregnant women should pay attention and not take medicine at will.Pregnant women can first condition them by themselves, such as drinking light millet porridge, vegetable porridge, and so on.During this period, it is best for pregnant women to not eat spicy and greasy foods, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach.In fact, pregnant women with diet throughout pregnancy should be lighter. Don’t be greedy for enjoyment, and eventually suffer from themselves and the fetus.

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