Abdominal pain during pregnancy, alert to acute pancreatitis

Xiao He is a fat expectant mother.Before pregnancy, her body mass index (BMI) was as high as 28.5 (> 28 was obesity).After pregnancy, she was worried that her baby could not keep up with her nutrition.With the increase of weight, the level of triglyceride of Xiaoshe has continued to soar, exceeding 5 times the normal value.

A few days ago, the appetite in the third trimester increased greatly, and symptoms such as abdominal pain and vomiting occurred after a skewers and drinks.The family quickly took her to the hospital for treatment.It was found that Xiaowu had acute pancreatitis, and there were signs of premature birth.Fortunately, Xiao He eventually turned danger, the baby in the belly was born in advance, and the mother and child were discharged from the hospital.

The weight is not controlled and the production inspection is not paid attention to, almost caused irreparable consequences, Xiao He’s experience sounded the alarm for the expectant mothers!Today, let’s learn about the urgency of pregnancy with acute pancreatitis.

Why is expectant mother suffering from acute pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is a disease caused by digestion of pancreatic digestive enzymes and digestive effects on the pancreas itself and its surrounding organs.

There are two main reasons for expectant mothers to suffer from acute pancreatitis:

First, suffering from hyperlipidemia.In order to make the baby living in the mother’s uterus with peace of mind, the level of estrogen hormone in the expectant mothers will increase sharply, and blood lipids will rise accordingly. In addition, pregnant women usually eat more high -fat, high -protein foods, and increase increase.Prevention of hyperlipidemia.Hyperalmia causes pancreatic microcirculation disorders.

The second is to suffer from biliary disease.Due to a variety of hormones, expectant mothers are concentrated and are easy to form. Once the stones are incarcerated in the bile duct, it can easily cause gallbladder pancreatitis.

What are the situations to be vigilant

The most common manifestation of acute pancreatitis is abdominal pain.When the ups and downs of the abdominal pain appears 12 to 48 hours after the overeating, you must be alert to acute pancreatitis.Due to the high uterine bottom of the expectant mother, the pancreas is buried deep in the abdominal cavity, and the symptoms of abdominal pain are not typical. Therefore, patients often have a late medical treatment and delayed treatment.In fact, this abdominal pain is still trace.

At the beginning of the onset, the pain may not have a fixed position. Most of them are only blunt pain in the upper abdomen, but abdominal pain usually radiates to the back of the waist, and the abdominal pain will intensify after eating again.While abdominal pain, it can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.Vomit is the content of the stomach. Abdominal pain cannot be reduced after vomiting.

In addition, some pregnant women also have abdominal distension, often occurring exhaust and defecation.With the progress of the condition, some pregnant women will also have symptoms such as fever, suffering, waist and abdomen skin, and dizziness, and even contraction, fetal distress, premature birth, etc., their lives of themselves and their babies may be threatened.

What to do if I have acute pancreatitis

Pregnant women’s body shape and constitution are special, which can easily confuse acute pancreatitis with other diseases, such as ectopic pregnancy, uterine rupture, acute appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, acute myocardial infarction, etc.Once the expectant mothers are suspected of pancreatitis, do not ignore them. They should go to the hospital as soon as possible to tell the doctor truthfully to the doctor that this is very helpful to the doctor’s rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Doctors will use auxiliary examination methods to clear the diagnosis.

The first is the blood test.This examination can clarify whether the specific indicators of pancreatitis increase and judge the prognosis of the disease.

The second is imaging examination.Abdominal ultrasound is a convenient and safe examination, and is the first choice for diagnosis of suspicious biliary pancreatic pancreatitis.When the ultrasonic examination is affected by the intestinal gas accumulation, pregnant women can choose MRI to check.Although computer fault scanning (CT), as a common method for diagnosis of acute pancreatitis during non -pregnancy, is a common method for diagnosis of acute pancreatitis, but it may affect the fetus because of its radioactivity.

There are many means to treat pregnancy with acute pancreatitis.Including fasting and prohibiting water to reduce the secretion of gastrointestinal fluids, gastrointestinal decompression attracts gastric content, infusion to inhibit the secretion of digestive fluid and supplement nutrition, and use antibacterial drugs to prevent infection.If the above -mentioned conservative treatment effect is not good and the condition continues, doctors will choose surgery to remove the pathogenic factors such as gallstones and necrotic tissues.When endangering the safety of maternal and baby life, pregnancy should be stopped decisively.Regardless of whether it is smooth or cesarean section, expectant mothers should treat and face it positively, avoiding hesitant and delaying treatment.

How to prevent pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is obstetric emergency, urgency, rapid progress, and dangerous course. Women, expectant mothers and mothers prepare for pregnancy must be valued in daily life.

On the one hand, we must control weight and reduce the occurrence of hyperlipidemia.Adjusting the diet structure is a direct and effective way.Dietary fiber and protein are more intake, slowing the speed of eating, and reducing the intake of high calories, high -fat, and high -sugar foods.In particular, various types of fat -containing soup are not advocated.A moderate amount of exercise is also one of the indispensable measures to control weight, which can improve human muscle content and reduce fat accumulation.When there is an indescribable hyperlipidemia, you can seek the help of a specialist to use drugs to reduce fat.

On the other hand, for women who have biliary diseases before pregnancy, it is best to ask professional doctors to intervene in advance to eliminate the high risk of this pancreatitis and ensure safety during pregnancy.Once the early symptoms of acute pancreatitis occur, seek medical treatment in time, diagnose and treat early, and reduce the occurrence of severe illnesses.

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Control weight and do a good job of self -test

Multi -fat metabolism abnormalities in obese patients are one of the important manifestations of metabolic syndrome, and metabolic syndrome is closely related to the severity of acute pancreatitis.

The body mass index (BMI) is the value obtained by the square height (meter) in weight (kg).BMI <18.5 is low weight, BMI is normal weight at 18.5-23.9, BMI is overweight at 24-27.9, and BMI> 28 is obesity.This indicator is very convenient to monitor itself. It is recommended that the body weight selection in the morning will be empty in the morning, with single clothes, empty urine, and shoe measurement. At this time, the value is the most accurate.After the measurement, record the value and the eating situation of the day, which is convenient for future comparison, analysis and control.

Waist -hip ratio (WHR) is an important indicator for judging heart obese.The abdomen and internal organs of patients with cardiopathy have more fat accumulation, providing more raw materials for pancreatic bleeding and necrosis.WHR = waist circumference (centimeter)/hip (centimeter).Female WHR> 0.85 is categorized as a heartbroken obesity.The measurement of the waist circumference is the minimum waist circumference instead of over the umbilicus waist circumference; the measurement of the hips is the maximum hip circumference, not the iliac hips.

Author: Yang Liyi, deputy chief physician of the Department of Internal Medicine of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University

Review: National Health Science Popularization Expert Library Expert

Wu Yumei, chief physician of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University

Planning: Tan Jia

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