Absolutely dry!Tell you what to do if your cat is pregnant

As we all know, fertility is a very painful thing.Cats can’t speak, but the pain of cats is not inferior to humans.Many cat owners choose to sterilize cats for cats to avoid this pain.However, some cats are not willing to sterilize without being born in their own cats, so they will have a cat for one or two babies.

However, a decision often means more accidents.As a result, many cat owners find that cats actually cause a series of chain reactions after pregnancy.So today I will share with Dr. Li Yunping of Hebei Animal Hospital for you. What should the cat do after pregnancy!

Female cats are best to do internal and external insect repellent and vaccine injection before mating.The breast milk born in this way will have antibodies that fight against the virus, and their physical fitness will be better.

If there is no deworming or vaccine before mating, do not do it during the process of pregnancy, because most of the endow deworming medicines on the market have a certain chance to cause miscarriage.During pregnancy, vaccination will probably lead to dead tires and deformities.

Therefore, insect repellent and vaccine must be completed before the breeding!

The appearance of the cat’s pregnancy is the earliest color of the nipples from pale pink to dark pink, and because the hair next to the nipples will fall off, the nipples look particularly prominent.These symptoms should appear within 3 weeks after mating, and 3-4 weeks after pregnancy are obvious spherical shapes.After that, the fetus is not so easy to find, but it can also be touched.If necessary, you can also look at the fetus in the ultrasound within 2-3 weeks; 5 and a half weeks after pregnancy can look at the number of fetus according to X-ray.

Calculated from the day of the mating success, to the birth of the cat baby, it has to go through about 50-65 days.The pregnancy process of "Difficult Cat Mom" is as hard as human mothers

During this period, parents need to give it meticulous care. Successful cat food and water are the best parents to prepare for cats.High -quality protein is essential. For example, milk products, eggs and meat can be added to dry feed (about 10%) to increase the protein content and taste of food, and it does not cause the balance of nutrition.The milk powder formula for kittens can also be given to pregnant female cats and female cats in milk.The amount of feeding should gradually increase with the growth of pregnancy. By the end of pregnancy, the female cat should have doubled more than before pregnancy. However, due to the growth of the fetus, the surrounding organs shouldEat the required portion, so you must increase the number of feeding, or leave the food outside to eat freely with the female cat.

You can also add some nutritional paste, taurine, folic acid, and eat cats for cat mothers twice a week.But also pay attention, do not let the "quasi -cat mothers" who have a big appetite eat too much, lead to obesity, so as not to avoid excessive milk cats and cause production difficulties.

In order to ensure the health of cat mothers and milk cats, parents must first achieve scientific breeding.Maximum pregnancy within a year.The best breeding season is the two seasons of spring and autumn to avoid close -to -proe matching; it is best not to reproduce such as folding -ear cats. It is a pain for cats throughout their lives.Choose a healthy male cat to be a cat father.At the same time, be sure to confirm in advance that the baby cat will take care of it after birth, and then reproduce.

Parents need to prepare a quiet, safe, clean, and comfortable "delivery room" for cat mothers.It is also possible to be large, clean, without odor.

① Quiet: Place the "delivery room" in a secluded place such as the living room, balcony, etc.

② Safe: Cat Mom is willing to go in and treat is the standard of safety.If it feels unsafe, it will only turn in front of the "delivery room", and then leave

③ Clean and comfortable: The owner should not pad in the box with clothes with a strong aroma.Cat Mom doesn’t like something "odor".Of course, in addition to the odor, the hygiene of the "delivery room" also needs to be fully guaranteed, because cat mothers may have a miscarriage due to bacteria, viruses, and raw insects.The hormone balancing in the body, chronic endometritis, recent reproduction, fetal dying early, fetal membrane and placental lesions, major diseases of other systems, improper breeding, mechanical damage, etc. may cause cats and mothers.

④ Thank you guests when you close the door: A few days before the production, the owner would decline other guests to visit the cat and let it wait quietly for the coming of his baby

During the pregnancy, he has enough patience to "quasi -cat mom" and don’t disturb it at will.Make it feel comfortable as much as possible to prevent cat mothers from miscarriage.

And parents need to be tolerant of the emotional fluctuations of "quasi -cat mothers".Don’t hold it barely, don’t touch the cat in his belly.If the "quasi -cat mother" is wrong during pregnancy, don’t scold, and if you don’t pay attention to them, they may have a miscarriage because of fright.The owner can use the security methods such as gently stroking, combing hair, and the cat mother.

Don’t easily disturb the cat’s rest.During pregnancy, they are easy to get tired and always want to sleep.What parents have to do is to make them sleep more comfortably as much as possible.

Be careful not to feed too much during pregnancy, or cause obesity and muscle relaxation due to insufficient exercise, which will cause production difficulties.It is best to be the most simple delivery room. Open a mouth in 10-15 cm from the bottom to facilitate the mother cat to enter and exit, and prevent the kitten from falling out.Come and follow the kitten.It is best to let the female cat adapt to this box 1 week before production. You can try to put a clean soft towel to encourage it to sleep.

In the last few weeks of the female cat, because of the large belly, it was difficult for her to bend over to lick her buttocks. You need to gently clean up the anus and vagina with soft cloth and warm water.Her temperament may change again -it becomes very gentle, showing a strong maternal nature, nestled with other cats, and even walking in the house with plush toys, making a gentle Mimi sound in her mouth.This is she who treats small plush toys as her own child and is practicing her mother.She also shows a stronger sense of dependence on people, hoping to get more caressing by the owner.The pregnant female cat likes to lie down in the sky. If you help her gently massage her belly, she will go to bed quickly.

Usually 1-2 days before production, the female cat will have no appetite to eat, which is more uneasy than usual. It also screamed more, or to tear the things in the box used in production, or even vomit; the closer to the closer to it; the closer to the closerThe production time is more and more licking the abdomen and reproductive organs.If you do not place the female cat in the delivery room, she may be produced in your bed, in the closet or other places …

Once the kitten is born, it should be broken immediately to allow the kitten to breathe freely. Usually the female cat will do it immediately, but some female cats without experience or nervousness will forget to do it. If this is the case, you should immediately immediatelyBreaking the membrane sac, otherwise the kitten will suffocate.If the squeezing strap has not fallen when it is born, the female cat will clean up the kitten after giving birth to the kitten, and naturally bite the umbilical cord. If the kitten is born for 15 minutes, the female cat has not started to clean it up.Then you can use clean wires or dental floss without waxing, tie the umbilical cord 1-25 cm away from the body, and cut off the umbilical cord that is too long, but the umbilical cord that is too short is easy to infected, so the umbilical cord left is not indispensable.The too short, soak the iodine solution or disinfect the water at the fracture.

In fact, the shovel officer should not be too panic. Cat abortion is not common, but we plan ahead to prevent problems before they occur. The veterinarian Xiaoming will tell you how to prevent cats’ abortion.

• Body examination before pregnancy is essential

Before the cat is pregnant, the shoveling officer should take them to do a comprehensive physical examination to ensure that their physical conditions permit can be prepared for pregnancy and do insect repellent. This can also prevent the fetus from being affected by parasites and develop deformity.

• Make a comprehensive balance of nutrition

During the cat’s pregnancy, the shoveling officer should supplement them with protein -rich foods, but it cannot allow cats to take excessive fat, which will cause the baby to grow too much and cause cats to produce.

One to two weeks before the cat is for delivery, it should help it measure the body temperature every day. The normal body temperature of the cat should be between 38 ° C and 39 ° C.If the cat’s body temperature is less than 37.3 ° C, it is likely to give birth in the next 24 hours.It is recommended to use the ear thermometer to avoid uncomfortable cats. Although the anal thermometer is more accurate, it is easy to make the cat resist, and sometimes it will even cause damage to the cat.

Clean towels (or use toilet paper instead)

Dark -cut blade (if the cat does not bite the umbilical cord, you need to cut the umbilical cord)

Line (tie the kitten’s umbilical cord)

Baby suction (remove the mucus on the kitten mouth or nose)

The content after the sow is postpartum care …

Oh no, it is the postpartum care of the female cat.

Because the content is too huge, too rich, and too professional, I will not say one by one here.

We will continue to invite Dr. Li Yunping from Hebei Animal Hospital to be a guest in our column,

Come and share the postpartum care knowledge of female cats!

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