Advantages and taboos of drug abortion

The drug flow is so simple, can it be good to eat it?In fact, the demand for drug flow is extremely high. In recent years, the success rate of the drug flow has generally declined. The reason is that the constitution of people is generally declined, which has caused the success rate of the drug flow to decline. It is also necessary to face the pain of the curettage again.Before the drug flow, I had to go to the hospital for examination.

First determine pregnancy.According to the history of menopause, patients with positive pregnancy tests can generally be diagnosed as pregnancy, but must be ruled out for nourishing cell diseases such as ectopic pregnancy and hydatidal fetus.At 45 days of menopause, the B -ultrasound shows the pregnancy sac in the palace, which can be determined as internal pregnancy; if there is no pregnancy in the palace, and there is an ectopic pregnancy in the palace;Consider the hydatidites.Only diagnosis of intrauterine pregnancy can drug flow.

Advantages of drug abortion

1. Drug abortion is a way to terminate early pregnancy with a safe, convenient, trauma, and painless new non -surgery.

2. Avoid abortion, no need to enter the uterine cavity, and the chance of infection is significantly reduced.

3. If the abortion fails, the pain of the clear palace is lighter than artificial abortion.

4. It takes 3-4 days to complete the birth of the medicine and logistics.

The taboo of the drug flow:

Due to the more contraindications of the drug flow, a comprehensive examination must be performed before the drug flow surgery. Once the following situations are found, the drug flow should be abandoned.

1. Taboo taboos: endocrine disease, chronic diseases such as liver or renal function, various benign or hemorrhoids or thrombosis, hypertension, etc.;

2. Taboo taboos: heart disease, glaucoma, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders and allergies;

3. Those who bring in the palace internal birth device;

4. Extracesea pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), or suspected ectopic pregnancy;

5. Smoking> 10/day or alcoholic;

6. After taking the medicine, those who cannot go to the hospital in time should not have a drug abortion, so as not to go to the hospital in time and delay the illness;

7. Allergies;

8. Anemia;

9. Long -term taking Lifu Ping, Alien Tobacco, Antilateral Epilepsy, Anti -Depression, Simi Ding Ding, Aspirin, Extinction, Barbich

10. The number of days of pregnancy exceeds 49 days.

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