After 10 years of marriage, I was pregnant for 10 years. During the three -month pregnancy test during pregnancy, the doctor said that she was not pregnant. What is going on?

Children are a gift from Shang Cang and the source of family happiness.For a woman, having a child of his own is an unspeakable happiness and satisfaction.Children’s birth can not only bring joy and warmth to the family, but also make the family closer and harmonious.

However, it is not easy for some women to have children.Some people may suffer from fertility, while others may not have their own children for other reasons.However, this does not prevent women from yearning and desire for fertility.

In modern society, more and more women choose to realize their fertility dreams through artificial reproductive technology.These technologies can make women who have been unable to get pregnant to realize their dreams, and they can also help some families who want more children.

Whether it is natural fertility or artificial reproduction, children are the pillars of a family and the hope of the future.For women, having a child of his own is an irreplaceable life experience, and it is also an unspeakable happiness.

From the personal experience of the Mom Fan of Tangyuan:

I have been married to my husband for 10 years, but we have never had children.In order to be able to conceive a baby, we spent a lot of money and energy, but have not succeeded.We planned to give up until one day, I took the pregnancy stick to test in the toilet.Looking down at it, two bright red bars, I was pregnant.This news made me and my husband very excited. We immediately told our family and friends that they were happy and blessed us.

In order to better take care of the health of my baby, my husband insisted on letting me rest at home and not let me go to work.In the first three months of pregnancy, I feel happy and happy every day.However, when we went to the hospital for a pregnancy test, the results of the examination surprised us: I did not get pregnant, and the previous test results were pseudo -pregnancy.

My husband was very disappointed and frustrated. He felt deceived by me for so long, so he decided to divorce.This decision is very painful to me. I used to think that we could spend all the difficulties together, but now we are facing separation.I regret my mistakes before, but now it is too late. I can only accept this reality. I hope my husband can get out of the shadow as soon as possible and start my life again.

Here, I want to tell my misfortune through this letter. Maybe I am a bitter woman. Now I am still single and I dare not marry anymore. I am really afraid of the days when I get married ……

When Mother Tangyuan received the fan’s letter, I sympathized with this lady very much, but I also hope that she can come out of this marriage. Life has to look forward, and let the past go to the future.So many pregnant mothers will have some questions, what are women fake pregnancy?What are the symptoms of women who are pregnant?How to distinguish between fake pregnancy?Today we will take a closer look at it. I hope that Mom Mom will read the following carefully, maybe it will be helpful to you.

Women’s fake pregnancy, also known as psychological pregnancy, means that women have symptoms and signs similar to pregnancy due to psychological or physiological reasons without actual pregnancy.Although fake pregnancy does not cause real pregnancy, it has a certain impact on women’s physical and mental health and family relationships.This article will introduce you to the symptoms, causes and discernic methods of women’s fake pregnancy.

1. Symptoms of women’s fake pregnancy

The symptoms of women’s fake pregnancy are very similar to the symptoms of real pregnancy, including:

1. Mentalities: When women are pregnant, the menstrual cycle will become irregular or stop, which is the same as when she is pregnant.

2. Breast pain: When women are pregnant, breasts will become more sensitive and painful, and the nipples will become more sensitive.

3. Pregnancy response: When women are pregnant, pregnancy reactions such as nausea, vomiting, appetite, dry mouth, and changes in taste will occur. These reactions are the same as when they are in real pregnancy.

4. Belly swelling: When women are pregnant, the abdomen will become more swollen and swollen, and sometimes there will be a protruding abdomen like a pregnant woman.

5. Emotional fluctuations: When women are pregnant, emotional fluctuations, susceptibility, anxiety, low emotional emotional changes will occur.

Although the above symptoms are similar to the symptoms of real pregnancy, women do not have the signs of real pregnancy such as fetal heartbeat and fetal movement when they are pregnant. This is the key to distinguish between fake pregnancy and real pregnancy.

Second, the cause of female fake pregnancy

There are many reasons for women’s fake pregnancy, including psychological and physiological reasons.

1. Psychological reasons: Female pregnancy is closely related to psychological factors, such as: the desire, fear, anxiety, pressure, loneliness, loss of pregnancy in pregnancy can cause women to have symptoms similar to pregnancy. This phenomenon is called "emotional pregnancy"" ".

2. Physiological reasons: Fake pregnancy pregnancy may also be related to physiological factors, such as changes in hormone levels, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc. These factors will affect women’s physiological functions, leading to similar pregnancy -like pregnancy.symptom.

3. How to distinguish women’s fake pregnancy

The symptoms of women’s fake pregnancy and real pregnancy are very similar, so it is not easy to distinguish women’s fake pregnancy.The following methods can help women distinguish false pregnancy:

1. Pregnancy examination: If you suspect you are pregnant, you can go to the hospital for a progesterone examination.Under normal circumstances, the level of progesterone after pregnancy will increase significantly, and the level of progesterone will not rise during pregnancy.

2. Do B -ultrasound: B -ultrasound is a way to identify female fake pregnancy.B -ultrasound can clarify whether there is a fetus in the uterus, and if not, it can rule out the possibility of real pregnancy.

3. Observation Symptoms: When women are pregnant, although symptoms of pregnancy -like -like symptoms, real pregnancy signs such as the fetal heartbeat and fetal movement do not exist.Therefore, you can observe these signs to judge whether it is a fake pregnancy.

4. Check the size of the uterus: When women are pregnant, the size of the uterus will not increase because of the presence of the fetus. Therefore, it can be determined by checking the size of the uterus to determine whether it is a fake pregnancy.

In short, women’s pregnancy is not a disease, but it has a certain impact on women’s physical and mental health and family relationships.If you suspect that you have symptoms of fake pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to obtain the correct diagnosis and treatment.At the same time, family members and friends should also give women sufficient understanding and support to help them spend this difficult period.I am the mother of dumplings. If you like my article, please like it at the end of the article!

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