After 26 pregnancy, fetal stop, and abortion, 37 -year -old mothers finally fulfilled their mother’s dreams

Early in the morning on November 7, a new dad was entrusted by his wife and brought Jinqi to the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital with Jinqi. Thanks to Li Xueying, Director of Women’s Five Division, and all staff members of the department.On November 3, his wife Xiaoya (pseudonym) gave birth to a little princess after a cesarean section, and they had a happy "family of three."

According to reports, Xiaoya has always hoped to have a child who belongs to himself.As of 2017, her life has experienced 25 abortion, fetal stops, and repeated clearing palace. The menstrual flow has become very small, and various treatment methods have not been effective.For many years, there have been no results in pregnancy, and Xiaoya has almost no hope of pregnancy.Until 2019, Xiaoya, 34, was pregnant again. She was inexplicably worried when she was happy. Soon after, unfortunately, she fell to her head again, and Xiao Ya stopped the fetus again.

"In order to completely take out the cause of the fetal stop, and also for your health." This time Xiaoya chose to come to the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and conducted a maternity in the Fifth Division of the Maternal Division.There are severe uterine cavity adhesion, and the endometrium fibrosis of the uterine cavity is obvious.

"For this type of patients, we must standardize direct viewing operations under uterine laparoscopic to avoid blind curettage. The focus is on protecting the residual, very precious endometrium, and the endometrial growth treatment after surgery. After surgery, postoperative postoperative surgery, postoperative postoperative surgeryAt the same time, prevent measures to prevent adhesion as much as possible. "Director Li Xueying introduced that in Xiaoya’s surgery, the team focused on the protection of endometrium, and suggested that she 1 to 2 months after surgery to perform uterine adhesion separation.

Two months later, Xiaoya Zunzhan instructed to return to the Women’s Five Department. Director Zhang Jianping performed the uterine cavity adhesion for her. The evaluation of the surgery was severe adhesion.Director Zhang Jianping carefully surgery to separate the uterine cavity adhesion, restore the shape of the uterine cavity, and protect the sparse endometrium in her uterine cavity.After surgery, Xiaoya conducted a standardized endometrial growth treatment under the guidance of the doctor. Although the shape of the hysteroscopy and the uterine cavity was normal, the endometrium was very thin.After that, Xiaoya regularly took the clinic of Director Li Xueying and adjusted her individualized treatment plan according to the endometrium.

Kung Fu lived up to her hard work. Xiaoya, 37, was successful in February 2022. After this pregnancy, Xiaoya dared not to have a slackness. He immediately found Director Li Xueying and chose the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine to protect the treatment according to the actual situation.At 11 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus was stable.After discharge, Director Li Xueying conducted a whole track and guidance on the situation of Xiao Ya, and chose the appropriate childbirth time and childbirth method.

On November 3, Tang Yaibing, director of the Third Section of Industry, performed a cesarean section for Xiaoya. The operation was very smooth. The placenta had adhesive artificial stripping, and her mother and child were safe. She finally fulfilled her "mother dream" for many years.

Li Xueying introduced that some women often encountered such women in outpatient clinics, and they had many flows in the early days. The endometrium damage caused by endometrial damage caused by the excessive scraping."At present, 90%of the uterine cavity adhesion is caused by abortion, and patients may experience a reduction or amenorrhea in patients after the occurrence of uterine cavity."Even if pregnancy can lead to poor ending.Some patients are infertile, and some patients are manifested in implantation after transplantation or repeated abortion of embryos.

The uterine cavity adhesion is caused by endometrial damage. 90%is related to pregnancy surgery. The pregnancy rate after medium and severe adhesion is about 30%after treatment, and the recurrence rate after treatment is about 60%.Therefore, focusing on prevention, doing good contraception, and avoiding abortion are the key.Li Xueying reminded that once abortion surgery is needed, remember to avoid excessive scratching the uterine cavity, reduce endometrial damage and endometrial damage at the base.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei Correspondent Liu Xinyi

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