After 5 years of infertility career, I just want to say: Thank you stem cells for helping me, the baby is here!

In modern society, there are more and more infertile families. Many newly -married couples have found that they have problems for a long time.

There are many families due to infertility, which leads to various problems, which will affect family harmony.

Ms. Li: Infertility in infertility after marriage, she finally ended in various giving birth and abuse and various incomprehension, because the child’s arrival ended the quarrel of the family.The harmony of a family requires a lubricant. For so many years, it is so noisy because of infertility.

My situation is that in the first year of getting married, we started to prepare for pregnancy. Then our husband and wife did not think there was any problem, and continued to prepare for half a year, but still could not be pregnant.Come out, my ovary premature failure.

So, if you do a good job, if you still have no pregnancy without contraception for more than one year, you must go to the two parties to see how the doctor recommends how to do and how to adjust, suchEssenceIn order to conceive a healthy baby, both parties should work hard to do what they should do.

I really did n’t expect that I would have a problem. Now I really regret it. When I was young, I did n’t care about my body, which caused such problems. What can I do now? A family cannot accept daughter -in -law who cannot have children.

I know my mother -in -law’s attitude, so since I checked it, I have traveled on the road of the hospital. It has been more than two years like this. During this time, it is the most quarrel. Even the divorce is so big.It is something that the couples hanging around their mouths.

It is also because of the continuous quarrel that my mood became poor and very depressed. In fact, I knew that my mood would also affect infertility. I put a small holiday for myself, and I went out for a look.

Relaxing, this is what I think is the most important and most difficult to do. But I can imagine how much pressure I have been in the past few years, and I am almost divorced.You can only adjust your emotions yourself, go out to make friends, work seriously, and so on.Let yourself be relaxed as much as possible to conceive.

That is, in this trip, a friend I know said that stem cells can improve this situation. I asked me to try it. When I heard this, I also doubted it for a long time. Finally, I decided to hit this stem cell.Essence

After the transplantation of stem cells, I went to review a few months later. My situation improved. I started to prepare for pregnancy. I finally became pregnant in the fifth year of my marriage.The arrival of this child really prevented all the unhappiness and ended the quarrel.

Finally, I wish the sisters in the struggle come to a good pregnancy!

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