After a lifetime of life, I should be happy and sweet during pregnancy. Zhou Sangchen is really a good husband.

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Time pregnancy

Shi Yi has been seven months old. She is full of joy and immersed in the joy of being a mother. The daily prenatal education time is her happiest moment. Listen to piano songs and read books. The time seems to be a bit gentle.Of course, she can have such a comfortable and comfortable life during pregnancy, not only because of her good mentality, but also because of her husband, Zhou Sanguang.

Women during pregnancy are always not stable enough due to hormones.During pregnancy, because of the baby, because of the baby, the work will always be affected by a little work, which has also greatly changed their lives.At this time, if the husband can’t take care of his wife’s mood and body well, it is easy for pregnant women to fall into depression.

At the moment Zhou Sangchen learned about Shi Yi’s pregnancy, his first thing was to go to the bookstore to buy a guidance book during pregnancy. He had a lot of consciousness on the paper. He also asked his high school classmates who worked at the obstetric and gynecological hospital.As a twenty -four filial piety, he is another prospective father. How can he confuse and take care of the most basic care?

What kind of check -ups should be done during the period of time, what health products should I eat every month, and what should I eat, what should not be eaten.It has been automatically completed and printed in Zhou Sangchen’s mind. He was originally a person with excellent memory.Therefore, science is very good, and for his excellent memory, it should only be sighing.

The so -called "silly for three years." When she discovered her hair loss, her memory also decreased a lot, such as calcium tablets sooner or later, but she often couldn’t remember it.Before going to bed every night, Zhou Sangchen always asked: Did you eat calcium tablets?She always felt that there was no such thing at all, and she forgot to do it.Fortunately, the husband’s memory is excellent, otherwise the two will have a mess in this day.

Zhou Sangchen was not reluctant, and just reminded her patiently.Even comforting her, the decline in memory is a normal reaction during pregnancy. With scientific theoretical support, she does not need to be tangled too much.

Zhou Shengnian, who loves carelessness

Perhaps the longest confession is to accompany him. Shi Yi did not feel that he was a sticky woman before, and he could even accept his business trips from time to time.But after having their own babies, the dependence on her husband deepened a lot.

Zhou Sangchen seemed to have an extra human -shaped pendant in unknowingly. As long as he was at home, removed his work, whether he was drinking water or finishing housework, he would follow him.The two don’t need to deliberately find the topic, just say a few words in this way, and talk about how flower should be placed. Which dish is delicious at noon aunt, drink more hot water when it is cold.Suitable for chatting.

They are not people who talk about many words, but when they are with each other, they seem to have endless words.Especially Zhou Sangchen, there is a basket of advice.Shi Shi really didn’t understand that he was just a professor of chemistry. He could understand the knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology, and it didn’t seem to be difficult to take a degree to take a degree.

Shime happiness

When men go to age, will they become embarrassed?Although Zhou Sangchen is 30 years old, but compared to the young words when the two are together, he can now be described by chattering.

Early in the morning, I should go to breakfast and make a call at noon. Is it time to have lunch?Go home in the evening, the first sentence, is time to eat dinner?

Shi should ask him why he is so persistent in eating. As a result, he said, you not only need nutrition, but also shoulder the nutrition of your baby.If pregnant women are malnourished, babies are prone to anemia.

Shi Yi asked again, then you only care about me or not, why not care about my mental health?The psychology of pregnant women is equally important.As a result, the professor of her family smiled dismissively. I can see that you are very happy every day.

Shi should not help but fall into self -doubt. Is her laugh so obvious?

Zhou Sangchen, the prospective dad should do, did not have any problems with the "soul chicken soup" on the Internet, but the perfection of Zhou Sangchen made Shi Shi unreal.To this end, Hong Xiaoyu used two words to describe this psychological psychology. One word is "ingenious" and a word is "owe".Taking a stomach to buy food for cooking and cooking, you should see it when you make money and make money.

After watching it, I think about my professor. I did n’t say anything to the bank card, and I never even talked to myself.Every day is either worried that she can’t sleep well, or she is worried that she can’t eat well. She really seems to be a little blessed in blessing.

So she reflected on herself. Love was mutual. She should also care about her husband a little more love. She couldn’t let him feel that he felt his feelings when he had Zhou Mu.

When Zhou Sangchen came out of the class, Shi Yi came to take slippers for him, handed the water for him, and said gentlely with his shoulders, her husband made money hard.

As a result, Zhou Sangchen was scared and what happened. He quickly asked her to sit well and asked seriously, what happened?

Shi Yi shook his head, and he wanted to treat you better.Because you treat me so well, I also want to pay back you.Zhou Shengchen sighed and said in a spoiled: "Obviously I owe you, how can I not be clear."

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