After a woman in Chongqing was pregnant, she found that her boyfriend was married and had three other girlfriends.

Everyone has the right to pursue a better life, and hopes that they can live a happy life.

However, in actual life, not everyone can do so.Some people even encounter a lot of deception and setbacks on the way to pursue happiness.

Ms. Liu, Chongqing, is 30 years old. At this age, she also began to be anxious for her personal life. She also hoped that she could solve her personal problems as soon as possible and start a happy life.

To this end, Ms. Liu met with a man at the time. It was not said that the man could chat very well, so that after a period of contact, Ms. Liu felt that the man was the person who was destined to be, so the two confirmed that they were male and female friends.relation.

However, Ms. Liu is still more cautious. For example, she has asked whether the man is married and is in a single state. The answer given by the man is that he is single.

The man’s reply dispelled Ms. Liu’s worries, and put down all concerns and opened a love with the man.During this period, the two also had a close relationship. At that time, Ms. Liu asked the man to take protection measures, but the man said that it was unnecessary. If he was pregnant, he would have to give birth to the child.

This sentence made Ms. Liu unable to refute, because from the meaning of this sentence, she could hear that the man was also determined to get married, so Ms. Liu agreed to the man’s proposal.

However, after several intimate behaviors that did not take protection measures several times, Ms. Liu was pregnant.After learning that she was pregnant, Ms. Liu hurriedly told the man about the "good news", but the man’s response made Ms. Liu feel and disappointed.

When the man learned that Ms. Liu was pregnant, the first reaction was not excited or excited, but Leng Bing told Ms. Liu to kill her children.The man’s attitude surprised Ms. Liu, because the man vowed to give birth to the child after he was pregnant, but now the man asked her to kill the child.

Such a strong contrast made Ms. Liu alert that the man might deceive himself, and the man might not be single.Later, under the question of Ms. Liu, the man acknowledged the fact that he had married, and even more strongly hoped that Ms. Liu would kill the child.

As the saying goes: house leaks are raining every night.When Ms. Liu went to the hospital for examination, the doctor told her that she was an ectopic pregnancy and needed her to be hospitalized as soon as possible to deal with her child, otherwise she might threaten her life safety.

After Ms. Liu told the man, the man said that as long as Ms. Liu handled the child, she would pay her 80,000 yuan in compensation.Under the comprehensive consideration, Ms. Liu agreed to kill her children, but because of her ectopic pregnancy, she was removed from the fallopian tube.

However, the man did not keep his promise.At first, the man paid 10,000 yuan to Ms. Liu through transfer, claiming that the remaining 70,000 yuan needed to wait until Ms. Liu had processed the child before paying.However, after Ms. Liu really killed the child, the man started not to admit it, and even said that he had given the remaining 70,000 yuan to Ms. Liu through cash.Furious.

It is worth mentioning that in order to let Ms. Liu firmly kill the child’s determination, the man also told Ms. Liu a secret that in addition to Ms. Liu, the man also had three other girlfriends.After hearing this news, Ms. Liu was disheartened, and she even felt more soberly that the man was not marrying at all, but just wanted to play.

There is no doubt that Ms. Liu was most injured in this incident.At first she was already careful. First of all, she confirmed whether the man was in a single state, and also reminded the man to take good protection measures.But in the end, the man’s deception caused her to let go of her alertness, causing an embarrassing ending of ectopic pregnancy.

With the exposure of this incident, everyone is also very confused, especially how to determine whether the other party is really single through effective channels.According to the current way, if the other party intentionally deceives, it is difficult for us to distinguish between true and false.Therefore, some netizens suggested that they can develop a convenience function, that is, I can check if I am married through a certain application.

In this way, before the relationship between the two, you can watch the other person in person to check whether he is single through that application, so as to make everyone more assured.

On the other hand, this incident also wakes everyone up. Don’t easily believe in others, let alone pay for everything, otherwise you may make your situation very embarrassing and dilemma.Protect yourself as well as possible before you get married, otherwise it will be very passive.

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