After changing the bed, the nurse mistakenly took the medicine of pregnant women to be pregnant for pregnant women

On July 24th, Huang Deqin, who was hospitalized in the hospital for hospitalization of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Wenjiang District, Chengdu, Chengdu, Sichuan, because the air conditioner of the ward was facing the cold self, and the pregnant mother in the bed was particularly afraid of heat.Interchange bed.However, in the early morning of the next day, the nurse did not strictly check the patient’s information, and mistakenly took the medicine that should be taken to the pregnant mother who should be pregnant in July and August, and gave it to Huang Deqin, who had just been pregnant for 8 weeks.

Wenjiang District Maternal and Child Health Hospital replied that it had dealt with the performance of the nurses and the head nurse. For relevant responsibilities and compensation, it was hoped that through legal channels, according to the identification of third -party institutions, if the baby was indeed caused by errors, the drugs were caused by errors.In the deformity, the hospital will actively take the corresponding responsibility and compensation.

During the day because of the air conditioner, I changed the bed

The nurses were taken wrong at night

Huang Deqin told the Red Star News reporter that on July 23, she vomited in the early pregnancy due to severe pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy and was hospitalized at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Wenjiang District.At that time, the same ward with her was a pregnant woman who was about seven or eight months pregnant, which was treated with fetal protection.

"She was afraid of heat, but the air conditioner was blowing in my bed. I covered two beds." Huang Deqin said that the pregnant woman in the neighboring bed asked the doctor and nurse to change the bed.After obtaining the consent of the hospital, on July 24, Huang Deqin and the other side were tuned from 21 to 22 beds. The patient’s information card on the bedside was also replaced, and the infusion treatment of the afternoon was normal.

"After 12 o’clock in the evening, the medicine lost during the day, I just beat the bell, and the nurse came to get the needle." Huang Deqin said that the nurse also asked his name when he took the needle. After a few minutes, the same nurse came to tell himself again., To get an injection."I also asked at the time, why did I have to get an injection, she said yesterday." Huang Deqin said, because the doctor added 4 groups of infusion drugs during the day, he thought it was added, but he still asked, "What kind of medicine?"The nurse replied" Demomeson. ""I don’t understand the medicine either, let’s fight." Huang Deqin said, but she remembered that the nurse did not check her name and hospital number again.

At 6:30 on the morning of July 25, Huang Deqin felt panicked when she got up and washed, and even walking was a bit difficult. The nurse measured the blood pressure heart rate and said that her heart rate was fast, and she quickly returned to bed.At this time, the pregnant woman in the bed next door felt strange that she said that the nurse did not come to get an injection at night.But I gave myself and asked the nurse to ask, and then found that the medicine was wrong.

Huang Deqin said that because he was a second marriage with his current husband and wanted a child, he would be pregnant at the age of 36, so he cherishes the children who are not easy to get, but now they have wrong medicine.It will not affect the child.

Hospital: The person in charge has been dealt with

It is recommended to take the legal procedure clear responsibility

On August 2nd, Red Star Journalists came to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Wenjiang District. Director Li Kedi introduced the situation at the time. The patient was admitted to the hospital at about 10 am on July 23 because of the "pregnancy drama vomiting" in the early pregnancy.On the 24th, because of the air conditioner, he changed the bed with the pregnant woman in the bed.Director Li explained that the first time he changed the bed medical staff did not agree, explaining that he was worried about causing confusion, but he agreed because of the strong demands of the patient.

In the early morning of July 25, the nurse may not have enough communication when the handover shift of the nurse. When the successor of the successor, when the single injection was prescribed by the treatment during the day, he did not strictly check the patient’s information again in accordance with the procedure.Symone’s injection was hit to pregnant women in the early pregnancy.

On the morning of July 25, after the medicine was wrong, the nurse immediately apologized to the patient and reported to the head nurse, director of the department, and medical department.The influence is changed to a single ward.According to the Chief Li Ke, at the same time, the hospital immediately asked the hospital’s pharmacy experts and the pharmacy experts of higher -level medical institutions.At present, no literature reports used in the early pregnancy at home and abroad that are used in the use of dexamethasone in the early pregnancy. If there is a case of teratogenic cases in related animal experiments, it belongs to a large number of experiments.

Chief Li said that after the incident, the hospital had imposed a penalty of three days of suspension and study on the nurse, and the long -term performance of the nurses and nurse’s long -term performance was 1,000 yuan and 500 yuan.The incident and communication reported in a timely manner.

For patients, the hospital has also been actively communicating and explaining, and is also willing to bear the corresponding responsibility, but the patient proposes that the hospital shall bear all the liability for the abnormalities that can be visible or invisible after childbirth, and the hospital shall bear the examination costs of the later fetus and the right.Compensation for psychological damage caused by patients and patients.The hospital believes that the requirements are unreasonable. The patient is an elderly pregnant woman, and in the early pregnancy, pregnancy production is also a complex and risk -up process. It cannot be ruled out that the patients are related to the fetus due to the age and other factors of the patient.This dispute was judged by a third -party agency’s judicial appraisal "After childbirth, the baby appeared or involved in the baby. It was confirmed by the legal appraisal agency to be caused by 6 mg of the Semin Song in this muscle injection, and the hospital bears the corresponding responsibility."

Red Star News reporter Yu Zun Su Intern Xiang Shan Photography Reporter Tao Yan

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