After Da S was exposed to drug abuse, he was low -key to declare pregnancy?You need to hold the toilet with weak body

Recently, Da S can be described as wearing a lot. People lie at home and still searches for continuous search. Since May this year, they have not stopped.

First, Ge Junye interacted with the little aunt Xiao S in the show to share the two people who were tired of daily life after marriage.

Just when everyone was sour to teeth with the sweetness between the two, Ge Junye caught off guard and burst out a huge amount of information.

He said that Big S is currently weak and is often in a state of parallel with the bed.

Seeing this, Xiao S remedied quickly, claiming that her sister was just too lazy to move. I did not expect that some Korean netizens recently broke the news. Big S has already pregnant with a third child.

Or like the news of the ex -husband Wang Xiaofei, the Big S body has reached the point where he can’t take care of himself?

Unexpectedly, before netizens found clues about the physical condition of the big S, Huang Zijiao suddenly posted a video and shook the abuse of Simal Simal S in the early years. When the two were emergency remedy, in the statement, the well -known Papaya Geus in Taiwan was issued.Qi inserted a foot again.

Ge Si publicly confirmed that the size S had been taken with a lot of "medicine heads", claiming that the behavior of the sisters was a public secret in the poison circle, but only many people did not report the size S for the sake of Ming Zhe.

And the Studio of Da S followed closely, and a statement was released, accusing Ge Siqi alive, and in the past 20 years in the past 20 years, it was decent.This matter.

In fact, since its debut, Big S has brought its own degree of topics and experienced many storms and waves. It has always been on the cusp of the wind. There are few disappearances. For this hot search, Big S should not panic.

After all, after all in the entertainment industry for so many years, she has already been familiar with crisis public relations.

For many years, although their sisters have been controversial and there are many negative news, there are no more things that can fundamentally affect their career, and they can see Big S’s good wrist.

In fact, no matter which direction these hot search develops, it is always impossible to turn around the grievances between the big S and Wang Xiaofei.

When the two first met, Wang Xiaofei was a well -known player in Beijing. He was invited to participate in the show hosted by the big S, but the two of them did not spark at the time.

In 2010, the two interacted frequently on Weibo first. Later, Da S announced the relationship. For a while, many outside speculations came.

One is the son of a wealthy businessman and the other is a highly popular star. They can be described as wonderful in their relationship, but the two are not affected by the outside media and paparazzi.The ritual of engagement and marriage.

Facing many speculations from the outside world, Big S boldly announced the love declaration of the two people. When she bluntly saw Wang Xiaofei, she wanted to marry the man without hesitation and give him a child.

In this way, Big S answered with a loud and loud answer to the public and the media who had doubts, and and Wang Xiaofei became an impeccable couple.

After the marriage, the two were painted like glue. The big S also put down her job and began to actively build a baby. In April 2014, she gave birth to her daughter Wang Xizhen. Two years later, the 39 -year -old big S had a hard time and rejoiced.

After that, the two also embarked on the variety show "Happiness Trio", showing the public in all aspects of the two people’s daily conditions and mode of getting along.

In the show, the princesses of the Great S were assigned to many people, but at that time, Wang Xiaofei was sweet, and the two also contributed a lot of sweet moments in the show.

I never thought that by 2021, the news of the divorce between the two people broke out on the Internet, but they were denied by the parties. Until November 22, 2021, the two officially announced the divorce.

At this point, the fairy tales of the golden boy and jade girl were broken.

However, the broken silk between the two did not cut off. As the big S remarried with the Korean Oba Junjun, Wang Xiaofei also followed the vortex of public opinion. For a while, the undercurrent was surging.

Sure enough, after one year of divorce after remarried, after Wang Xiaofei did not fulfill the divorce agreement, he brought it to the court. After fermentation by media reports, Wang Xiaofei lost his patience.

He began to fight back on the Internet’s prosecution. Within a day, he even sent several Weibo to point out that the big S family spent his money, with his cubs, living in his room, extravagant nature.Also hang up on the Internet one by one.

At the same time, Wang Xiaofei burst out that Simus often took Sinos, and the consequences were either live broadcasting regardless of the image after drinking.

Either he couldn’t move like mud. For these emergencies, he had flying to Taipei for 10 years for 10 years.

In addition, Wang Xiaofei aimed directly at Xiao S directly to warn her not to pour fuel on the side. Otherwise, he would go to Taipei in person to break her with her.

After Wang Xiaofei made three and a half hours of his remarks, the big S studio took the lead in showing good, putting the facts, and reasoning.

It has been mentioned that for many years, Big S has not done anything to hurt Wang Xiaofei, and he has a great respect for Zhang Lan, and he does not mean to raise children alone. Therefore, he is willing to stop here and shake hands with Wang Xiaofei.

But things did not end because of this, but instead became more and more intense.It is not difficult to see his grievances, anger and resentment from Wang Xiaofei at the time.

Therefore, he broke out the fierce material of Xiao S’s husband, and he was angered by Jun Jun to get out of the luxury homes he bought, buying mattresses and other details by himself.

Immediately, Da S was not willing to show weakness, and he also exposed the records and rendering of related bills. He tried to prove that Wang Xiaofei said only one -sided words, but these were refuted by Wang Xiaofei.

Strangely, after a few days of battle on the Internet, the two even chose to stagnate.The two parties may be negotiated privately. Considering that they have a lot of privacy in their hands, if they continue to tap war, they can only be defeated.

In order to avoid this situation, the big S and Wang Xiaofei took a step back to make the mutual tear incident temporarily come to an end.

Unexpectedly, just a few months in the past, there was a series of things at the beginning. Even if the big S is good, I am afraid that it will not be calm at this time, especially the fact that she needs to bed for a long time.The situation was covered with a confusing veil.

As for this veil is the happy second marriage life of the big S, or the weighing and disadvantages required by multiple forces, I am afraid that only the big S themselves are clear, and the people who are onlookers can only wait. Presumably, if a certain time, the answer will be the answer.Uninvited.

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