After eating a piece of watermelon, the expectant mothers who were 8 months pregnant were premature!

Although it has been established, Zhengzhou’s temperature is still high.The best summer shelter mode is to sit in the air -conditioned house to eat watermelon and drink cold drinks, cool and energy!

Recently, Xiaoli (pseudonym), who was 32 weeks of pregnancy (8 months), took out the cool watermelon in the refrigerator like in the past to enjoy the cool summer.

But after a while, Xiaoli suddenly had vomiting, abdominal pain, and breaking water in advance …

Xiaoli hurriedly rushed to the obstetric department of Zhengzhou People’s Hospital with her family. Gongkou had been fully opened, and her fetal age was only 32 weeks. The baby was going to arrive early.

The newborn physician also rushed to the delivery room and escorted them with the obstetrics. Xiaoli successfully ushered in her cute little princess.

Due to premature birth, the little baby’s various systems were immature, and the baby lived in the neonatal department.Although this world is strange and no parents, she has a doctor and mother who cares about her and is dedicated to her treatment for her. She seriously cares about her nurse aunt.

But soon, the baby appeared in breathing difficulties, fever, sepsis, infectious shock, central nervous system infection, etc., and rose -like rashes appeared on the body.She is even a line.

Liu Yanhong, deputy chief physician of the Freshman Department of Zhengzhou People’s Hospital, learned that Xiaoli recently loved the fruits stored in the refrigerator because of the weather, and combined with the baby’s clinical performance and existing test results. Considering that the baby may be mysterious killer by the refrigerator– Liste bacteria infection.

Immediately adjust the anti -infection treatment plan, and use the treatment of anti -infection drugs for Listor.With the joint efforts of the newborn medical staff, the body temperature of the baby gradually returned to normal, the breathing gradually improved, and the war between the baby and the bacteria won.

The little baby has gradually recovered under the careful care of everyone, stronger, and after more than 20 days of treatment, the baby returned to her mother healthy.

Why is Xiaoli, who is healthy during pregnancy, just eat the fruits in the refrigerator like her family, which triggers Liszt’s infection and make the baby prematurely?What is Listor?

Liu Yanhong, deputy chief physician of Zhengzhou People’s Hospital’s freshman department, answered questions for you, and teach you how to vigilance in summer

1. Why is Lest bacteria in the refrigerator of food preserving food?What is Listor?

Liste bacteria resistance and alkali resistance; low temperature resistance: growth temperature range -1.5-46 ° C, the optimal temperature is 20-37 ° C. It can grow in ordinary refrigerator refrigerated rooms. It is a typical cold resistance bacteria.50 ° C cannot be killed after 40min, heated 63 ° C for 15-20 minutes, and can survive at a -20 ° C environment for at least 12 weeks.Therefore, there will be Liszto in the refrigerator.

2. Why did the mother Xiaoli eat the fruits in the refrigerator like her family? The family was not hindered, but she gave birth in advance?

The probability of women’s infection with a single nuclear cell infection during pregnancy is 20 times that of ordinary adults, accounting for 27 % of all patients with Lisnem infection.The incidence of abortion and premature birth in women infected with a single nucleus infection during pregnancy is 2.4/1 000 ~ 5.5 / 1 000, and the incidence of newborn diseases is close to O.52 ‰, mothers and infants can spread directly through the placenta.

3. What are the clinical characteristics of pregnant women after infection?

Pregnant women can have no symptoms or lack of typical clinical manifestations after infection. The form of manifestations: digestive tract or vaginal band of bacteria, fever, headache, muscleache and other influenza symptoms, chorionic shellatitis, etc.In the late stage; timely and effective treatment can be cured; ineffective treatment can occur in abortion, death, premature birth, and cause abnormal development of fetal nervous system in the short term.

4. The clinical characteristics of the newborn early hairstyle infection

Most of them are infected in the palace, and most of them are premature. When birth, there are often amniotic fluid, internal distress, or suffocation after birth.

It can be manifested as fever, differences in reaction, difficulty breathing, rash, liver and spleen, etc. In severe cases, it can be transformed, shock, and DIC, etc. in severe cases;

Blood culture and cerebrospinal fluid culture can be found.

Therefore, due to Xiaoli infected with Listella, it caused the baby’s palace infection, premature birth, early arrival, fever, difference in response, dyspnea, sepsis, infectious shock, etc. Fortunatelygrowing up.

In the face of the mysterious killer of the refrigerator -Liszt bacteria, should we prevent it?

Listor is a food -based disease, so it is necessary to avoid intake of contaminated food

Elderly people, elderly pregnant women and low immune functions should try to avoid eating raw cold foods as much as possible

Refrigerator regular disinfection of raw foods in the refrigerator should be stored separately

The remaining vegetables in the refrigerator should be fully heated after eating

Pregnant women will go to the hospital for treatment in time if diarrhea, fever, etc.

(Zhang Huimin Sun Yunhao’s Draft) (Disclaimer of Disclaimer: If this picture involves copyright issues, please contact Xiaobian to delete in time.)

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