After entering the middle of pregnancy, the pregnant mother always feels backache and back pain, which can make you easier

After a woman was pregnant, she felt back pain and back pain. In fact, this situation may be psychological or hormone.In fact, in the early pregnancy, because the fetus in the abdomen is very small, the impact on the waist of the pregnant mother is not great, but after entering the middle of the pregnancy, the fetus develops faster and faster, and the volume of the belly becomes larger and larger.The pressure will become larger, and it will easily cause pregnant women to have back pain.

When pregnant women feel back pain, they will unconsciously beat the waist, or lie on the bed for a long time, and feel that they can relieve waist pressure.In fact, these methods are not long -term schemes. After entering the middle of pregnancy, pregnant mothers always feel back pain and back pain. This can make you easier!

What should I do if I always have back pain in the second trimester?Share with you some easy ways to use

Control your weight

For pregnant women, if the weight gain during pregnancy is too fast, the problem of back pain is more prone to back pain, because the weight gain during pregnancy is too fast, and many fats will grow to the mother’s body will become obese., And it will cause your back pain to be severe.Therefore, in order to avoid back pain during pregnancy, during pregnancy, we must control your weight growth during pregnancy. The weight growth of the entire pregnancy should be controlled at about 15 pounds.


Pregnant women cannot use medicine when they are back pain. For example, medicinal wine, acupuncture, and plaster are unavailable, which may adversely affect the fetal development.Therefore, the easiest and most reliable method to relieve back pain during pregnancy is to often massage the waist, and when massaging the waist, you must control the good power.Massage method: Rub your hands and put your hands in the middle of the lumbar spine.

Pay attention to rest, exercise in moderation

When some pregnant women have backache and back pain, they will lie on the bed for rest. In fact, when this happens, pay attention to the rest, you must also exercise in an appropriate amount. For example, you can go out to take a walk.Long, this can effectively improve physical fitness, and can also move up the waist, which can relieve low back pain to a certain extent.

Pay attention to some small details

Under pregnancy, low back pain may also be related to some behaviors during pregnancy, such as raising heavy objects, squatting, bending over, etc. These actions will also increase the burden on the waist and easily cause lumbar muscle tension.The problem of back pain during pregnancy.So during pregnancy, especially in the middle and in the second trimester, these small details must be paid attention to.

Do you be troubled by backache and back pain during pregnancy, and how do you deal with it?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below, maybe it can help more pregnant women.I also hope that everyone will pay attention to Xiaobian, and I will share some parenting knowledge every day.

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