After finding that you are pregnant, do you have a great response to early pregnancy and how to deal with it?

Since I am pregnant, I have always thought about what to record, but I have always been caused by physical discomfort and laziness. I have not acted.

Because I have been preparing for pregnancy, I have always been curious whether there is any in the end after the ovulation period.Because I usually delay the irregular menstrual cycle, about 35 days after my aunt was last time, I started using early pregnancy test strips to test.

For the first time, I felt inexplicable in my heart.After three or four days, the test was tested, and it was found that it was vaguely wired.Then he began to imply him intentionally or unintentionally, but after the biochemical oolong in November last year, we all began to worry about it and dare not conclude.

After two days, it was only two days to test it, and the red line was already very obvious.At first I still had a little unbelievable, and the next day was tested. The color was not deepened much.So, after a week, registered to the hospital.The blood draw is fast, and the result is slow.At 8 o’clock in the morning, I arrived at the hospital for ordering blood and waited until about 11 o’clock.Performator 53.1, HCG value 30000+.The doctor said that this progesterone is a bit low. Normally, it should be 60-80. Go to do a B-ultrasound to see how to develop.

At this time, I had no response at all. I was able to eat, drink, sleep, and had a good spirit.After that, the B ultrasound was smooth. 7 weeks of pregnancy, there was germ heart.While happy, I suddenly found that I had a bad appetite and started to eat things.At the beginning, I didn’t respond. It was not until the next series of reactions that I knew how painful the early pregnancy response was.

1. Every morning, when you get up early in the morning, you will be relieved. As a result, I dare not brush my teeth for too long or the action range is too large.

2. You must get up to the toilet once every night. Even if you can’t open your eyes, you need to get up immediately, otherwise your stomach will be super swollen and feel that you will explode at any time.

3. I wake up naturally in the middle of the night every night, and then I feel sleepy when I have insomnia until it is fast.

4. After getting up, you must eat something to go out, otherwise the subway will be involved in cold sweat and faint at any time.

5. You must wear loose to work during the day. Anyone who restrains his waist will not work, otherwise you will sit down with your stomach and even more uncomfortable to vomit.

6. I must vomit four or five times a day, eat and vomit, and feel uncomfortable without eating stomach. I wo n’t drink more water, otherwise I will vomit acid water, and the stomach is uncomfortable.

7. I do n’t know what I can eat every day. I do n’t want to eat it. I have to eat it when I do n’t want to eat it. I must prepare some food with you.

8. Dinner after get off work is the only time to eat a little more during the day, but you will spit it clean after eating for an hour.

9. You can’t watch your mobile phone for a long time. If you brush for a long time, your eyes are not comfortable. You must lie down and rest immediately.

Repeat this every day.Every day, a person is suffering, and the head of the office in the office is stunned.There are a lot of times to run the toilet, because the body does not have the strength without eating, and it is difficult to concentrate the spirit. In such a day, according to the experience of the people, it needs to last for three months. This means that I still need to still needBook a month.Whenever I think of this, I have collapsed inside.Everyone will just say it easily to survive it. The real pain is only myself.Every day, just like a serious illness, relying on the perseverance to support the three -point rental of the company’s subway.No energy every day, but I have to endure the normal work to go to work.The true feeling at this moment is that I regret pregnancy.If you give me another chance, I will never choose to experience this hardship.

It is said that pregnant people should maintain a good mood, so good for the baby.But I’m sorry, I really can’t get up.The dual torture every day has made me close to the collapse. Sometimes I think, or just faint like this, go to his work, go to his life, I don’t want anything …

People who have not experienced themselves really can’t realize it, so they will only comfort the forbearance, and just persist … even if you want to lose your temper, no one can post it, and feel that he is almost a grievance woman.No wonder so many maternal mothers will be depressed.

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