After giving birth to a child to take a holiday, it means that you are likely to be a pregnancy easily. You don’t want to be careful early

Pregnancy is really unfair. Some people will become pregnant as long as they do not take contraceptive measures, and some people have worked hard to ask for children for many years.In fact, this has a lot to do with personal constitution.Women are easy to get pregnant, and pregnancy is much easier than ordinary people, but this is not a good thing.

Xiao Liu is the legendary "easy pregnancy constitution", and she became pregnant soon after she got married.After giving birth to breastfeeding, it is a holiday a few months after giving birth, and it is fast among breast milk mothers.As a result, one month after the holiday, she was pregnant again.This makes her collapse too much: I heard that she would not be pregnant during breastfeeding, so she did not take contraceptive measures during her husband and wife. Who knows so coincidentally, is the two babies or not?

Why is it easier for Baoma to get pregnant?

This is because during pregnancy, as the fetus grows in the abdomen, the uterus will be continuously expanded, even like a large balloon.After delivery, the uterus was immediately stunned, and the functions of the uterus have not yet been restored, so there will be continuous exposure to the uterus to restore the uterus after giving birth.

The early holiday comes early, indicating that Baoma has a strong physical fitness, the rapid uterine recovery speed is fast, and it also represents a higher chance of conception to a certain extent.Non -lactating mothers and breastfeeding mothers have a large difference in leave after giving birth. Non -mammal treasure mothers will come to example for more than a month after giving birth.

The breastfeeding mothers come to the holiday time late. In the early days, they come home six months after giving birth. If they are late, the baby will only come at the age of one year.Therefore, breast milk mothers should not compare the postpartum holiday time sooner and evening with non -breast -lactating mothers. When you see others on vacation, you can’t worry. In fact, you just need to wait slowly.

Breastfeeding mothers come to leave, what do you need to pay special attention?

1. Breastfeeding is not contraceptive

In the cognition of many people, breastfeeding is equivalent to contraception, and it is safer to have no routine holiday.But this is not the case. Before the holiday, the body may have been ovulation. The ovulation period is about 14 days before the holiday. At this time, there is a chance of pregnancy in the same room.Therefore, after delivery, even if Bao Ma did not come to the case, it was necessary to take contraceptive measures.

The breastfeeding period is not a contraceptive period. As long as it is contraceptive, there will be a chance of pregnancy.I don’t believe you searched for a search on the Internet.

If you do n’t want to take a second child immediately after giving birth, you must take contraceptive measures honestly. Do n’t hold the fluke, especially women who are prone to pregnancy, be responsible for themselves and your baby!

2. After breastfeeding, there is no nutrition after breast milk

In the cognition of the older generation, the holiday during breastfeeding shows that the milk is not nutritious and even "toxic", so Bao Ma is required to stop breastfeeding.In fact, after the holiday, breast milk does change, such as decreased breast milk, sticky, etc., but the nutritional components are basically the same, and it will not produce toxicity.Baoma can drink more soup during menstruation, so that the milk is less sticky, and we must wean the baby because of the routine holiday. You must know that breast milk is the best food for the baby, and no other food cannot be replaced.

If you do n’t have a holiday or breastfeeding after giving birth, you ca n’t contraception. You do n’t want to conceive the second child early. You only have to take contraceptive measures. Do n’t be lucky. For the fast -prone physically active treasure mother who recovers fast postpartum.Are you pregnant?

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