After having a baby, the relationship between husband and wife has become more and more harmonious

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Take your baby to play together on the weekend

Take a bath and tell stories together at night

Take your baby to take a family photo together

Share housework together

With children, I feel that work is more motivated

Occasionally, you can give your child to your parents and spend the "two -person world"


A person with a child with a child is struggling

Finally, I have the opportunity to let go of the child.

The maternity leave is over, you go to work during the day, come back at night, the housework is a bit less small

There is no sexual life for a long time, the intimate contact has become less, and even has not hugged it for a long time …

After having children, our relationship has changed …

There are almost no couples who do not quarrel?Sometimes it is too noisy to be noisy and will not speak for several days.

But after the baby is born, it is not no longer quarreling, but that we will pay attention to the child’s feelings.

Of course, he will still have friction with his dad, but we will try to "civilized" in front of the child.Especially when the child grows up and sensible, if you are accidentally out of control in front of the child, we will apologize to each other in front of him.

His father, who was once selfish and childish, was gradually becoming the kind of person he wanted to make his son become.

Slowly, the baby’s dad took the initiative to share most of the family responsibilities.For example, sometimes I have to work overtime at home at night, and he will be responsible for taking care of the two children.

In fact, when he changed himself for our home, he also taught me how to become a better person and how to better balance work and life.

There may never be a baby before, and may never think that the time of two people is together. Anyway, the first thing and the last thing I do before going to bed are seeing each other every day. It ’s rare to be together every day.

But after having a child, I no longer have infinite time to get along with each other. It is really almost all time outside the work.After the baby is half a year old, the maternity leave is also rest, and the care of the child is particularly energy -consuming. During this time, we have become less words, and we go to bed directly every day.

We now cherish the time of the two people, and we will strive to create this opportunity, even if we talk and hug before going to bed, it is better than no.

Before there were children, of course, we were also partners, but at that time we were not as close as now.

When there were children, when my husband and I discussed the problem of having a child, we found that everything was worrying. What income sources are? The development of my career, who will take care of the child, do not feel good about sleeping, whether the marriage is married, whether the marriage is not good.Will be threatened …

After all, we have heard of too many stories about life, news, and film and television works that have deteriorated after giving birth to a child, but we have not heard that the husband and wife relationship will improve after having children.

Believe in yourself, and believe that your other half, support each other is the meaning of a partner.

After having children,

Is your relationship closer?

Or is it exposed?

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