After hoarding 120 condoms, I became pregnant | Modern people embarrassed stocks

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This year is a bit different.Friends no longer eagerly greet each other, "Did you buy it?", Replaced, "really don’t want to buy."

But a prophecy is that friends who say "don’t buy" will definitely usher in his "True Fragrance Warning".Human beings are in human nature to the hotness of shopping, the mania of the festival, the support of discounts, and the hatred of "people who have no me".Interesting to report the "Double Eleven Series" curtain open, invite you to carnival in advance- ——

Deposit 100 settled by 150

List as the following coupon is reduced by 270

Buy two sets and minus 100

Reservations to enjoy XXX, limited to only 1,000 first

Anyone in the above words is enough to destroy Liu Meixuan’s resistance.

For half a month before Double Eleven, Liu Meixuan has paid 800 and deposits.The deposit was refreshing for a while, and Liu Meixuan, who had been divided into 12 issues, was so clear.

The unit for buying a sanitary napkin is a box, the unit of the shower gel is liter, and the salt unit must be a pound … When you buy it, you have to buy enough a year to reassure.Liu Meixuan claimed that he was "advanced cancer."

Not Chinese is not Chinese

Judging from the data released by Taobao, the average number of goods purchased by the stock market is 59.The mainland provinces I love stocking are Henan, with an average of 98 stocks.In the group of patients with carcinogenic cancer, women accounted for 67%.Among them, young people aged 25 to 34 are the most.

From the perspective of urban online shopping levels, although the number of people in the first -tier cities is the largest, the per capita purchase volume is more fierce in low -line cities, and the per capita purchase volume of fifth -tier cities has reached 107.

Rookie big data shows that the double 11 stocks ranked TOP10 are sanitary napkins, laundry fluids, masks, biscuits, puffed foods, pumping paper, roll paper, pure milk, switch socket suits.(Fast consumer, what is so many sockets?)

Last year, the Tmall platform only sold enough 8,000 people to drink 1 liter of pure milk every day. It was enough to make the toilet paper with 87 laps of the earth bag.

Different cities also have their own unique shopping preferences.

Beijing and Shanghai, women are strong, and the sanitary napkin index is far ahead; Guangzhou and Shenzhen love cleanly, and the hoarded laundry liquid has been used for 8012 years; Hangzhou and Tengchong people have harmonious life, and the paper is very fast.The sales volume of Xu Dao is at the forefront; there are many fat houses in Sanya, and the favorite puffed food …

Picture source: Tmall & Cainiao Big Data

I hoarded 120 condoms, I was pregnant

In the previous year, Zhang Jiali stocked 120 condoms, with peace of mind -but God seemed to want to make her Buddhism more.

"God must be playing with me! It didn’t take long to find that I was pregnant after I bought it … As a result, I still use tears and sticky. It is sticky.

Data show that last year, Tmall sold more than 5,000 condoms, of which mainly sold to the post -90s.

"The sense of security and satisfaction of stocking is enough to cure many other bad emotions. For example, I love to eat. Before the exam, I will put the bookcase like the cabinet of the small sales department, which is super satisfying." This year’s sophomore yearYang Yuyu said.

"But I do n’t want to eat it when I buy it.

Some people call this behavior "squirrel disease".

From a psychological point of view, people who like to buy and buy and buy are usually more anxious, and the behavior of buying and buying and stocking can relieve these anxiety to a certain extent.

JD Data shows that the number of stock marketing users who have purchased the same product many times during the Double 11 period increased by more than 100 times compared with the same period in 2012.More and more savvy consumers seize the opportunity to stock up.

"I was excited about the discount below. Not only did they hoard skin care products, but also a variety of shampoos, shower gel handmade soap snacks, cleaning toilets, laundry powder laundry liquid. I have n’t used it for 16 years …”Zhang Xiaoling, who is engaged in administrative work.

"I found that life is more comfortable and I like‘ wool ”everywhere. And the more poorer, the more you love to hoard. In order to make up the hair, I bought a lot of things that I do n’t need.” Zhang Xiaoling concluded.

"My family likes to eat biscuits. I bought a box last year and took immunity directly. Our family had successfully quit many snacks. It is also good thing."

"When I was a kid, my parents were too strict and I could buy anything. Now that I make money, I will satisfy myself madly." Hou Xue, who had just finished paying the 24,000 bonuses and prepared to chop his hands.

"I used to buy V4 for a year. At that time, I was fascinated by makeup. Other people’s lipsticks were all colors. I was several in each color; one -third of the lotion wanted to buy a new stock;In the evening, whoever brushes Taobao will have a few more orders, I always feel that there is a task, and I ca n’t shop with a peaceful attitude. "

Now Hou Xue’s family’s makeup skin care is so much that she has collapsed."I always find someone to pick up the money. After all, I always feel that the goods that are stored last year are not equipped with myself this year."

Stocking makes my family harmoniously

Fan Xiaofan, who bought a 5 kg of hand -to wash from Double 11, received the goods that collapsed.

"There is no concept of weight. I didn’t expect to be as much as 5 kg. It is not worth it … Since then, every time a guest comes to my house, I must take a mineral water bottle toilet as a hand gift."

In addition to the toiletting solution, many incomplete skin care products, the face of her husband/boyfriend has become a recycling station and a test field.

"This is a rose water made of Bulgarian. It has been for you. It is precious!"

For the steel straight men who solve all the soap, using the second -hand second -hand of his girlfriend are also blessed by misfortunes. Passive learning has a lot of skin care knowledge and lives more and more delicate.

It is also a way to sell idleness for stocking that cannot be solved.

"I don’t care about the forever, I just care about it. Anyway, I don’t need to use it. It is better to transfer it to the person in need." Every year, Double 11 passed, and Fan Xiaofan began to "set up stalls" on the second -hand platform.

"It’s so happy to meet a good buyer, and when you place an order a few words. When you encounter anger, come up and bargain for two -thirds. Ask if you do n’t buy it for a long time, and you will be questioned if it is a fake."


The recent Beijing wind and sun beauty, the plus buying battlefield has surged.

The seemingly poor young people are all Xue Dingxuan’s poverty in nature. Without Double Eleven, you will never know whether he is really poor or false.

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