After marrying far away, my husband hit me every day, and he was pregnant. Send a pair of shoes to your parents, and the parents understood instantly.

My name is Xiaoxue, 26 years old, from rural Shandong.Since childhood, my academic performance is not good, and my family has always scolded me without a good grade and there is no way out.After a quarrel, I left my hometown at the age of 18 and followed the villagers to work in the south thousands of miles away.

I work in an electronics factory with a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan and I eat.Although I am confused about the future, I still don’t want to go home.Although it is hard in the factory, it is better than at home.

I never thought that love would come to me so quickly.A few years later, a short worker Li Wei began to pursue me.He was getting more and more ambiguous for my words and deeds, and often helped me buy water and food.

Although he is equivalent to me, only 1.62 meters, he is very energetic and good for me.Under the encouragement of everyone, we are together, work together to get off work together, eat together, and life is sweet.

At the age of 22, he proposed to me.I don’t want to get married because the two of us are too far away.His parents heard that his family was in Yunnan. He didn’t plan to let him enter the door, and asked me to break up with him.At first I was shaken, but when I heard my parents persuade breaking up, I was even more firm to marry Li Wei, so I was married to Li Wei.

My relationship with my parents has deteriorated, but I never regret my choice.

We moved to his hometown life after we got married.At the beginning, I felt very happy and everything went smoothly.

However, slowly, I began to discover some of his bad habits.He often alcohol, and he lost his temper when he returned home. He often tortured me at night.If I do not meet his wishes, he will hit me.

Although I am very painful, I still endure it because I am afraid of losing him and the protection of the protection of survival.

When I was pregnant, he still ignored my pregnancy.

Later, I gave birth to a daughter at home.

Li Wei seems to be unhappy, it seems that he hopes to be a boy.This obviously disappointed him, which is doomed to my future.

Only a week after the child was born, Li Wei beat me another meal, saying that I was lying on the bed all day and did not work.

In those days, I was very sad, she couldn’t stop crying, and hugged the child to cry tightly.

He said that he would go out to do something, and I think it may be the opportunity to leave.

But I am too naive.

Although Li Wei left, he asked his cousin to look at me, and I couldn’t leave.

What is even more scary is that one day in the middle of the night, his cousin came to knock on the door and said he would come in to sleep with me.

I locked the door tightly, but he still beat hard, scaring the child to cry.

Fortunately, he did not come in forcibly.When Li Wei came back, I told him what happened, but he even hit me, saying that I would not follow the woman’s way.

He also took away my mobile phone and ID card, saying that I couldn’t make me connect with the outside men.

I feel desperate, and my parents have warned me not to marry, but I did not obey them.

It happened to be a leap month, and I begged Li Wei to take me to buy a pair of shoes for my parents.Otherwise, my parents will be very unhappy and force me home.

Maybe he was afraid of my parents looking for him, so he agreed to my request.I put a note under the insole and sent it home.

A week later, my father and his uncle suddenly appeared and rescued me.When I saw my father, I felt extremely grateful and sad, and crying continued.

Later, I learned that when the shoes were sent, my father felt a foreign body after putting it on. After a careful inspection, I found that I hid in the shoe for help, and then called the police to rescue me.

Now, my daughter and I return to my hometown.Although I found a hard work, I cherished this job very much because it represents the opportunity to start again.

In order to let my children have a warm and comfortable home, I rented a small house for us.

I hope my daughter can thrive with my company and live a happy life.

Although I have experienced a lot of hardships and frustrations, I also learned a lot of things.

I learned to be strong, learned independence, and learned to fight for myself and children.

@: There are only 0 and countless times in domestic violence. When you first encounter domestic violence, you must learn to use legal means to protect yourself, and marrying is like a gambling.Happiness, but it is difficult to see your loved ones, your friends, and come to a place where you are completely strange; gamble is wrong, unfortunate life after marriage, no one can help you, so girls, red sister suggests that you can not be far away.Marry not far away.

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