After more than 10 days of menstruation, not clean?These three major reasons must be investigated one by one

Under normal circumstances, women maintain a regular menstruation, and menstruation lasts three to seven days. If it ends in less than two days, it is likely to be premature ovarian or about to enter the menstrual period.For changes, of course, those who have endless menstruation and have not ended for more than seven or eight days to attract attention. Some people even have menstruation for more than ten consecutive days. What is the case?

Menstruation is endless, and there are still signs of menstruation for more than ten days. It is necessary to determine whether the placed on the birthplace mixing of the breeding ring has affected health.Most women want to be effective in the body after completing the fertility task, and they will place a birthpool ring in the body. The normally play of the birth ring can indeed reduce the risk of accidental pregnancy.

However, there is a period of use of the birth ring, and it must be taken out for a while. If you do not pay attention to this problem, you may have an incarceration, or you will fall off after a long period of use.Many people have a large amount of menstrual blood and endlessness. This situation must be found in time and solved.

The menstruation continues for too long, and women should pay attention to it. It may be that the lesions of the cervix are developing. The incidence of cervical cancer that everyone is familiar with has a higher incidence and younger. Although vaccination can reduce the risk of illness, some people are unwilling to wantSpend money to take over, the prevalence of cervical cancer increases after high -risk HPV virus infection, and the main manifestation of vaginal bleeding during the development of the disease.

Early characteristics are contact bleeding. In the middle and late stages of irregular vaginal bleeding, the amount of bleeding is related to the size of the lesion, the degree of vascular violations. As the disease progresses, the menstrual period is extended, and the blood volume increases.

It is abnormal that menstruation has not stopped for more than ten days. It is necessary to suspect that dysfunction of uterine bleeding. As a relatively common gynecological problem, the symptoms during the development period is that the menstrual duration is long, basically more than ten days, and the normal menstruation is normal menstruation.with large differences.The lesions of various uterus can cause dysfunctional dysfunction uterine bleeding. The common is endometrial polyps, uterine adenocytes, and uterine fibroids.

When you find this situation, you ca n’t care. If you cannot accurately infer the cause, you can go to the hospital for a detailed examination. According to physical symptoms, the results of the examination find the cause, the disease is treated correctly, and the treatment can be relieved in time to relieve the symptoms.

Menstruation abnormalities are not small problems. Through menstruation changes, other symptoms of the body and the results of the test results find the cause. If there is a disease is developing, it will be enough to pay enough attention and actively cooperate with treatment. Otherwiseother problems.

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