After my wife derailed, I couldn’t accept her body, what should I do if I find my wife derailment?

In today’s society, it is not surprising that boys and girls have an affair.What are the great tricks to counterattack cold violence?During this seductive period, once the boy and the girl trapped the extramarital affairs, it was a serious blow to their marriage life.What should I do if my wife is derailed?

"I am 42 years old, my wife is 40 years old, everyone has one child and a daughter, the eldest daughter is 13 years old, my son is 10 years old, my wife and I have been married for 16 years, and they have been separated in the two places for a long time." I am 42 years old and my wife is 40 years old.Everyone has one child and a daughter, the eldest daughter is 13 years old, and her son is 10 years old.My wife and I have been married for 16 years and have been separated for a long time.

Because the two places are separated, life is not easy, because I have to.I am still looking for a job in my hometown.The salary is too low, and the technical major is not a professional counterpart.So I went to the first -tier cities, and the salary was very rich.For two years, I brought an elite team. I am a leading cadre.(Emotional confusion plus mentor \/letter, one -on -one free analysis)

What are the great tricks to counterattack cold violence?At first, my wife and I rented a house in different places.She also has her own job.After she was pregnant with her daughter, she didn’t go to work again.The family of three lived in a rented house.At that time, although the standard was difficult, the family lived happily.

The daughter is three years old and the wife is pregnant with a second child.She not only takes care of herself, but also needs to take care of her.I was not assured, so I clearly asked her to go home.I came to take care of her for her parents, so she would just.

Originally thought that the two children were older and brought back to live with me, but the daughter was going to kindergarten again.The cost of kindergarten in big cities is too high, and everyone also has housing loans, so the pressure is very stressed what to do if the wife derailed, so children should be kindergarten in their hometown.

Therefore, she took her two children at home, and sometimes her parents helped her.When the child is on vacation, she will take the child to chat with me.On weekdays, that is, to communicate with each other through video calls to understand the situation of daily life.Sometimes I miss children.I take a vacation and go home often.

In this way, people often live in two places, similar to more than ten years.

As soon as people reach middle age, it is not easy to hang out outside.I was thinking about the development trend of returning home in the New Year in 2021, but there was a problem with the relationship between husband and wife.Last time I went home to ask for leave, and found that my daughter -in -law was derailed, and this derailed man, I know that he is a divorced man.What should I do if I don’t get along well with my husband?0 yuan received professional analysis!

As we all know, his daughter -in -law divorced him because he was worthless.A man did not have a stable income all day, and even his wife and children could not live.His wife quarreled with him all day, and finally disturbed the civil affairs.Later, his wife took their ten -year -old child and left with rich boys.

During that time, he didn’t dare to go out.When he went out, he was gossip with people in the residential area.I can’t let go.Why did my wife meet him?

I was anxious to ask my wife why.She didn’t want to say anything at first, but when she was angry, she said the man helped her.The content of the assistance is very simple, that is, repairing the faucet every day, repairing all the water pipelines, his child and my son’s classmates. When she is, he will help me take a special car after school to pick up my son …

I didn’t listen to her, scolding her narrow -minded.Is this little thing worth investing?shameless…

She knew that she had lost money, and she was afraid of silence.I asked her to write a letter of responsibility to ensure that she would not make mistakes next time, and she wrote in accordance with my regulations.

But I still can’t swallow.I ran to the house, noisy.Neighbors knew that my daughter -in -law was derailed.She couldn’t raise it, she didn’t dare to do it to me.

In order to better supervise her, I quit my job there in advance and stared at her all day.She is like a criminal who did something wrong.She was timid in front of me, and I was worried when I saw it.Now I was lying next to her bed, I still felt strange, and I didn’t think of her.

I don’t know how to interact with his wife now.I always feel that this relationship is stained.Her personal behavior, nausea and vomiting made me feel nauseous.As a man, my self -esteem was stepped on her feet.I don’t know what to do at all.Please help me tutor the teacher.How does such a marriage life develop?"

What should I do if I find my wife derailment?

Response: Hello!When this problem has such a problem, I can understand your experience well.I hope my analysis suggestions can help you.

Throughout the description, you have been separated with your wife for a long time. Although sometimes they live together for a while, for couples, it is impossible to find the problem of marriage and love through short -term communication.

Just like the situation of your wife, the man she dyed was looked down on by other women.He is rude, incompetent, and weak, but he can stay at any time.

Therefore, you hear his wife saying that he is with him because she helps to repair the faucet, repair the sewer, or help her pick up the child after school.You are also very doubtful.You don’t understand, why can she betray her family with this?

Waiting in marriage is important.You have been separated from your wife for a long time, which is also inevitable.Making money outside is for a better family.She knows that this is good for you, but why is it an affair?Due to lack of feelings.

The economy in marriage is the guarantee of daily life, but emotions cannot be ignored.A woman with two children can only touch her lover every day based on video calls.

All of her joy and sorrow, you can’t get a resonance point. She is lonely. You can’t feel the same feeling, and when she is helpful, you have no one.When this bad mentality is deposited, it is easy to be touched by the warmth of others.One or two words of cheap and warm words are considered emotional.

Naturally, it is not easy for you.To work outside, you must also bear loneliness and loneliness.It is also very very admirable that you can rationally resist the temptation of the outside world.

Now that my wife has changed wrong, don’t want to leave home.How to maintain your home and adhere to your marriage life is even more critical.

I give you some suggestions and look forward to helping you:

First, adjust your mental state and give half of the energy to your family.

The derailment of daughter -in -law is a serious blow to her husband, but also needs to adjust the mentality to accept reality.Although it is the key to making money to support their families, we cannot ignore the expression of love for loved ones.

What you invest in this family most is the application of economic development, and your wife cares about this family wholeheartedly.You give half of the vitality to your relatives, making them feel that your family attaches great importance to you.Women are sensitive people. Once they are touched by critical points, they will follow firmly.

Second: No matter what the result will make her have personal value.What should I do if my wife is derailed?

In today’s society, the probability of full -time housewives is not low.Let her return to social development, and truly self -utilization value and a large number of people can allow us to recognize human nature ‘good and evil, ugly and ugly.

Third: Give the other party for a certain period of time, and strive to solve the crack of marriage within this time range.

Since she didn’t want to touch her, it was also a serious blow to her self -esteem.Naturally, she can’t accept her psychological state now, but you can’t let the mustard between each other last long.

For example, communicate with his wife well, this matter has digested and absorbed for three months, or half a year.During this period, you can also observe your wife’s attitude to correct the infidelity, and then you can accurately distinguish the future of your marriage life.What should I do if my wife is derailed?

What are the great tricks to counterattack cold violence?When there is a problem with marriage, couples are obliged to each other, and foreign couples are more likely to have problems.For better families, everyone is not easy.At the same time, while working hard to earn money to support their families, we also need to pay more attention to the changes in the mentality of the lover and the experience of psychological state, understand each other, tolerate each other, and trust each other so that they can go further.

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