After pregnancy, "fetal dreams" are often made. Is the interpretation of the elderly?The doctor said that the real situation is very interesting

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After my cousin was pregnant, she had been blaming dreams. For example, today I dreamed that a little flower snake chased her own running. Tomorrow, I dreamed that the baby’s baby ran to the husband’s belly, and every time he was shocked.Her mother -in -law said that this was a "baby dream", and she also said that her child was definitely a girl.My cousin didn’t believe it, but she searched online, but she did not expect that many pregnant women had similar dreams.Some pregnant women use the interpretation of "fetal dreams" to judge the gender of the fetus and the good and bad in the future.

In order to clarify that this interpretation is unreliable, she also consults the doctor.The doctor told her not to think too much. The "fetal dream" is not so mysterious, it is just some strange dreams that women have made with their family and their family after pregnancy.Moreover, the real situation is very interesting.

The fetal dream reminds men and women, most of the pregnant women want boys or girls themselves

I asked some elderly people, and they said that pregnant women dream of snakes, which prompts the sex of the fetus.For example, dreaming of black snakes and gray snakes are pregnant with boys; dreaming of flower snakes and white snakes are pregnant with girls.There are also dreams of beautiful magpies and goldfish. The old people also say that they are pregnant girls. Dreaming of turtles and black bears are pregnant with boys.

It can be seen that dreaming of black and strong animals with male characteristics, and older people generally talk about boys, and when they dream of feminine and beautiful animals, older people will say that they are pregnant with girls.In fact, their judgments were not only from the previous generation and Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation, and some of them summarized from the "shape" of their dreams.In fact, it is not reliable.

Based on experience, doctors explained that many of the dreams of fetal dreams are mostly dreamed of the problem of pregnant women who want boys or girls, and after thinking about boys and girls.For example, a netizen said that when she was pregnant, she dreamed of a large number of peony flowers, and then the older said that she was pregnant with a blessed little daughter, but she really gave birth to her daughter.But in fact, she was looking forward to the girl every day, but she just gave birth to a girl.In the final analysis, the baby dream reminds men and women, but pregnant women’s expectations and concerns about the gender of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant mothers need not be too true, and occasionally look forward to the gender of the fetus.

The interaction between pregnant mothers and fetuses can also promote "fetal dreams"

It is said that "there is something in the sun and dreaming." If the pregnant mother interacts with the fetus before going to bed, it can also promote the "fetal dream".For example, the fetal movement was so powerful during the day. The pregnant mother said that the baby was naughty and stroked the fetus with the prospective father. It might dream that the baby was born was a small naughty that night.The doctor said that the mothers and children’s emotions will affect the baby’s development, and the baby’s activity will also stimulate the nerves of the pregnant mother. It is not surprising to be a "fetal dream".Therefore, from this level, fetal dreams are sometimes a sense of induction and interaction between pregnant mothers and fetuses.

The baby’s dream of a pregnant woman is also a psychological effect.

Other pregnant mothers, who did not have a few fetal dreams, had made the family.In fact, this is also a psychological effect, and the family of pregnant women has expectations for the baby.Family people may want boys or girls, or they may want their children to be healthy and healthy.Then think too much, and if you have obsessions, you will have a "fetal dream".For example, my mother dreamed that her daughter was guilty of giving birth, and her mother -in -law dreamed that her daughter -in -law had a big fat boy. These were the family’s concern to the mother and son.

Therefore, it is not too true for the pregnant mother for "fetal dream". Quan Dang is a glory during pregnancy. Good dreams will be shared with your family, and bad dreams will be empty.

Pregnant mothers, have you ever done "fetal dreams"?


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