After pregnancy, Boss scum wants to remove my cub every day#Chasing the drama together to watch together

After pregnancy, the scum boss wants to remove my child’s first episode every day.

She was so miserable when she hurt my sister, so you drove away.Your kindness was not used on my sister.I think you are very gentle to that little lover. What are you here now?Azhi, brother, do you have a nightmare?Blame my brother can’t protect you this time, and my brother will take you anywhere in the future.No, I can protect her.

Don’t think that this time I saved me, I can forget what you used to do, then I hope to repay you with the rest of my life.President Shen, your recent physical condition is not very good.According to preliminary tests, gastric cancer.Yes, I want to know that it is a few phase of gastric cancer, and we also need your live test.President Shen, should we tell Miss Jiang?No, don’t tell her first, don’t you always want to reconcile with Miss Jiang?If it can be cured, I will try to chase her back.No, I didn’t want to lie to you, I just want you to be angry.You go, Shen Ling, I want to be quiet.President Shen will not go first.I accompany Azi, okay.President Li, you have spread for advanced gastric cancer cancer cells, so you should just treat it.Why are you still hospitalized?Recently, the stomach is not very comfortable.The reason why I played that punch last time, your punch was indeed a bit too much.Why is Mr. Su looking for me?Do you know Gu Yunshen’s cooperation with Jiang Qing?I don’t know, but I am not surprised, you are really stupid.In this way, you go to Gu Yunshen to find a way to get evidence, and I will let Azi pass.As for the result, look at yourself.You are helping me, not for you, I just don’t want my sister to be covered in the drum.Have you ever asked Azi’s idea?It’s ridiculous.good.Gu Yunshen, it turns out that you have always used Azi.What did you use?You and I do not conflict at all.Azhi, Gu Yunshen, I don’t want to see you anymore.Azhi, do you listen to me, do you not want to escape the bottomless home?I saw you last time. After my mother, I knew that the family did not love you, and your brother would only drag you.I’m helping you, helping me Gu Yunshen, would you kill her because of your mother’s eccentricity?You are a pervert.Azhi, you let go of me, roll!Go away from my sister.I have gastric cancer. Maybe I have done too much sin, and I can’t stand it anymore, so what do you do for me?I want you to persuade Azi to kill your child.Last time, the doctor told me that her body was not suitable for giving birth to this child, otherwise it would be likely to have a dead body.How much he values this child, you don’t know if you don’t know.

I know that if she does not have this child, she can find someone who loves her more and one more child, which will only be her burden.My Su family can still support a child, but I want her to start a new life without burden, and I will persuade her first.As for the result, I dare not guarantee.

How did you come?Azhi, don’t you want to divorce?Let’s go after you are discharged.

After you divorce, I don’t want you to leave this child. After all, he is also my flesh, and he has the right to decide whether he can stay in this world.

Shi Weilian, I thought you really changed during this time, but now it seems that you are still so disgusting.Is Azi a child who will not be loved to this world, will it really be happy?He will not have the love of his father in the future.roll!This is my child, you don’t need you.I have no choice, but I still want you, I love you, can you satisfy me once?

Jiang Zhi damn it, hold his hand.

If no one is allowed to move, I also said that I will give you time to Jiangzhi.Impossible, I will say it again, no one is allowed to move, otherwise I will not be polite to you.Today I must kill her anyway.I have become what it looks like today, because you, you will be retributed.Shen Ling said that everything you do will not let you go.

Azhi, I have already taken her, all of the people who bully you will not let go.Azhi, can you accept me?Azhi, you let me go.

Gu Yunshen, you are not human.

Don’t be afraid, I’m here, Jiang Zhi, you go to death.

Gu Yunshen, don’t scare me.

I have done too many wrong things before, I love you, Azi, you must be good in the future.Gu Yunshen, you insist on, send you to the hospital.

I ca n’t hold it, I can see you before I die, I am really happy.

Gu Yunshen, Gu Yunshen.

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