After pregnancy, can you use skin care products?The doctor said that these 3 kinds are best not to use

Pregnancy is a magical thing.You don’t feel much yet, but your parents, colleagues, and aunts do not treat you as normal people, as if all habits in life become high -risk ~

Can I not use skin care products for pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation, and can we use facial cleanser?

Can I still use skin care after pregnancy?

Uh, pregnant women are normal people, not patients, and most of their lives can still be carried out normally.

The basic principle is: there is nothing to be afraid of general skin care products, so you don’t need to buy skin care products for maternity.

Besides, no matter how big the face is, compared to the whole body, the skin absorption area is small.In order to excessively prevent "chemicals", the basic moisturizing and sun protection will be abandoned, and the skin (at least mood) will not lose.

During a special period, due to hormones, women’s bodies do have unavoidable changes, and some adjustments should be made for changes.

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If you really want to be a foolish mother, let’s analyze some ingredients with special functions and powerful effects, so that you can prevent it.

4 common skin care products analysis


Vitamin (vitamin A)

Materials "vitamin A" should be used carefully.Its side effects are the same as vitamin A.This ingredient is often used to treat acne, and there is no doubt that it belongs to "powerful effects."Although some pregnant women have unfortunately erupted acne, oral vitamin acid is not recommended.

In addition to oral medications, retinol and vitamin A (retinol) are also added in some wrinkle skin care products, because it can promote cellularization and protect the collagen in the skin.

Hearing this, someone is to panic, how many wrinkles are going to go!In fact, there is no evidence at present, the vision of the avene ornamentation in general skin care products can achieve a considerable dose through the skin, let alone the impact of entering the blood circulation on the fetus.

The recommended amount of vitamin A for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the age of childbearing age is 5000IU (international unit), which is 1.5 mg.

Vitamin A in skin care products is generally 0.1%to 1%. Even if you wipe your hands and face, wipe it every day, and calculate at the maximum absorption rate of 1.3%. At most, you can absorb 10%of the FDA recommendation.Moreover, the standard for FDA is quite strict. Most other associations and health organizations generally believe that pregnant women will not cause teratogenic 10,000 IU per day.

If you are really careful, check the ingredients to avoid using such substances in large quantities.

Salicylic acid

Sometimes you see salicylic acid in some skin care products, even toner and cleansing products.

It is fat -soluble, and it is weakly acidic, so it can run into the pores to whole the dead cells.In addition, after all, it was first used to eat analgesic and anti -inflammatory, and of course it also has a similar effect on the skin.

But don’t forget that salicylic acid is the father of aspirin.

Similar to the analysis of the type of viscerum, apply a refreshing water containing salicylic acid once or twice a day, there must be no problem (unless you are allergic to salicylic acid).Some "Skin Calling" products or skin care projects are relatively large. Because of a large amount of salicylic acid, it is necessary to use this weak acid destruction to let the stratum corneum stripping, which may make the skin look tender after just use it.

If you want to eliminate all kinds of expectant mothers, pay attention to this ingredient.



Even if you don’t pay attention, it is recommended that you go out to get a sunscreen ~

Because of the effect of hormones during pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to pigmentation, and various spotted patterns appear on the eyes of the eyes and belly. Too much sunlight will make these spots more conspicuous.Once again, even if it can penetrate the skin’s ingredients, the amount of penetration is minimal, and it cannot cause harm.


Various oils for preventing stretch marks

Strangely, many people will ask people who can use skin care products during pregnancy. They have never questioned that the oil of stretch marks in the past is also an inexplicable "chemical substance."Tell you responsibly that they are useless, but maybe can soothe your heart, so it is okay to use it.

The generation of stretch marks is due to the rapid stretching of the skin, the collagen cannot be pulled, and the leather is torn. They often occur in places with more fat content, such as abdominal, upper arm, breasts, thighs and ass.Many girls who have experienced adolescence will find these humble lines on their thighs and buttocks?The principle is the same (let’s call them youth pattern).After the fast stretching ends, it will gradually fade.

But if you hate stretch marks, some scientific results may wish to understand: stretch marks are prone to appear on women with high BMI index and greater weight gain.So do some exercise, the price is cheap!

Finally, summarize: During pregnancy, basic categories of moisturizing and sunscreen products can be used with confidence. Functional products such as anti -wrinkle, freckle removal, acne and other products are used with caution.

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