After pregnancy, I am obviously very sleepy. Why do I have insomnia at night?

The pregnant mother looks beautiful!

After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormone levels in the body, many pregnant mothers will have drowsiness. It takes 10 hours to sleep in a day, but still feels that there is no sleep enough. Why are there insomnance in pregnant mothers?

In the early pregnancy, it is not obvious, especially in the middle and late pregnancy. With the growth and development of the fetus, the stomach of the pregnant mother is getting larger and larger.I will get up 2-5 times a night to the toilet. In addition, there will be problems with low back pain, leg cramps, edema, pubic pain and other problems. Pregnant mothers have tossing the side, lying flat, side lying, not very comfortable, plus fearPsychological problems such as production and worrying about the health of the fetus, the psychological burden is increasing, and the fatigue will also increase. Some pregnant mothers will also be accompanied by insomnia symptoms, especially in the third trimester, and the pregnant mother’s insomnia will be more obvious.

Insomnia pregnant mothers!

One: frequent urine

Pregnant mothers may have to go 1-2 times a night in the middle of pregnancy, but in the evening of the third trimester, it will get up 3-5 times in the evening. Nearly 80%of the pregnant mothers are troubled by frequent urination.In contrast, the more times, the worse the quality of sleep, and it can cause insomnia for a long time.It is not that many urine will be excreted every time I go to the toilet, but because the uterus is constantly increasing and oppressed to the bladder, making the bladder smaller, it is easy to cause urine. Coupled with psychological reasons, as long as you have urine, you want to go to the toilet.And during pregnancy, it is easy to induce cystitis, and cystitis can also cause frequent urination.

Frequent urine

Two: Drink a lot of water

After pregnancy, most pregnant mothers have loved drinking water, affected by psychological, diet, environmental, physiological and pathological factors.Some pregnant mothers listen to others and say: Drink plenty of water, more amniotic fluid, and children born in vain.Some pregnant mothers have a heavy taste and like to eat salty foods, so drinking more water.The weather in summer is relatively hot, it is easy to sweat, and drinking more water.According to the needs of the body, replenishment of moisture is normal physiological needs, and more water needs after pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers also experience gestational diabetes, and they have symptoms such as eating too much, drinking more, and urine.

Drinking more water during the day is okay, especially before going to bed at night, drinking more water will increase the frequent urination, which will affect sleep.

Three: low back pain, pubic pain

As the fetus continues to increase, the body of the pregnant mother will become more and more heavier. The heavy body will compress the spine on the waist. If the waist spine is over -convex, it will cause spine back pain.In addition, the body of the pregnant mother will secrete a pubic sagin, helping the pubic bone open, convenient for the fetus into the pot, and helps to give birth. Especially in the third trimester, the pubic pain will be more obvious.

Four: leg cramps and edema

In the third trimester, many pregnant mothers will have leg cramps and leg edema, which will also affect the sleep quality of pregnant mothers. Leg cramps are not necessarily caused by calcium deficiency.In order to judge whether it is calcium deficiency. In addition, leg cramps, sleeping positions, and pH of the body have a great relationship. Our blood pH value is between 7.35-7.45 and is weak alkaline.Too much Chinese sweets and meat can easily make blood acidic, cause imbalances of electrolytes, and cause local muscle cramps.

And edema is caused by local blood circulation disorders or renal dysfunction. If it is a normal physiological reaction during pregnancy, the legs need to be lifted to relieve the degree of edema.But if it is pathological, further diagnosis is needed.

Five: Sleeping position

With the continuous increase of the uterus, the stomach is nowhere to be placed. Lie and lying on the side are not as comfortable as before. Because the uterus is a right rotation state, the pregnant mother is generally required to choose the left side position.Position, how can you come comfortably, now there is a cushion for pregnant women, you can try it.

Lying on the left

Six: physical and psychological changes

There is a baby in the stomach, and I always feel uncomfortable. The pregnant mothers with changes in hormone levels are more sensitive and psychologically sensitive.This is caused by changes in hormone levels in the body.The hormones that affect the human body during pregnancy are mainly estrogen and progesterone. They can make the pregnant mother’s emotional instability and excessive pressure. It will also cause premature births of the baby, or defects such as vision and hearing impairment.

Seven: Stomach discomfort

After pregnancy, the smooth tension of the gastrointestinal and intestines is reduced, the gastrointestinal peristalsis is slow, and the food is not easy to digest, especially if you eat too much at night, and do not exercise much, it will cause stomach discomfort and affect sleep.

Eight: fetal movement

Some babies are very unique and like to move when they sleep, especially in the late pregnancy, he played very hi in his mother’s belly!

Fetal movement

1. Avoid drinking too much water, eating too salty food, and eating too much before going to bed. You should eat some light, easy to digest foods, and do not eat after eight o’clock. If you are thirstya small bit.

2. Appropriate walks. After half an hour of meals, you can take a walk for 20 minutes to avoid excessive exercise or too long exercise time.

3. After walking back, you can take a warm bath, drink a cup of warm milk, lie on the bed and close your eyes earlier, prepare for sleep, you can listen to some prenatal music appropriately.

4. Avoid staying up late, go to sleep when you are sleepy, avoid chasing the drama at night, stay away from your mobile phone, you must lie on the bed before nine o’clock, and enter the sleep state at 10 o’clock.

5. The indoor temperature should not be too low. Generally, the difference between the temperature and the outside of the outside world does not exceed 4 ° C. Keep the indoor air fresh and often ventilate.

6. Develop the habit of sleeping at noon. After eating at noon, you can rest for 30–50 minutes. It is best to choose to rest in a quiet, suitable temperature, and dark light environment.

The quality of sleep during pregnancy is very important. If long -term insomnia will cause the pregnant mother’s spirit to be inaccurate, poor temper, and even depression, and we often say that a pregnancy is silly for three years, it is not that Baoma is really stupid.Instead, poor sleep quality leads to insufficient energy, and it seems stupid after decreased response.In addition, it is not conducive to the baby’s health.

Healthy baby

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