After pregnancy, I became the essence of the drama. The common emotional fluctuations in each stage during pregnancy, 4 response methods

The severe fluctuations of emotions during pregnancy are a normal phenomenon. The level of hormones has continued to soar, and the body and emotions have also changed dramatically. No wonder the pregnant woman finds that she will cry, laugh, and forget her name in a few minutes during pregnancy.EssenceIf you find that you are bullied after you are pregnant, you can’t move your emotions, laugh when you cry, and become a drama, don’t make a fuss. These are just a normal reaction. If you have not experienced such emotional fluctuations, then you should also see this this also look at this.This article will have an expectation for the emotional changes of pregnancy.

Once you realize that a baby is brewing in your stomach, you can get a roller coaster with emotions: excitement, fear, joy, and worry.Coupled with the fatigue, nausea and hormones that are common in the first three months of pregnancy, your emotions will be faster than the Olympic gymnastics athletes.In the early stages of pregnancy, the content of estrogen and progesterone will rise sharply.These changes will have a great impact on your emotions.You may be crying a few minutes ago, and you will be happy the next minute.Netizens opened my mother’s message and said: I clearly remember those days, I will have the so -called 10 -minute collapse, all the pressure in my life will be fused together, and I will cry in a hysteric for 10 minutes.Then everything is over, continue to be happy day.

The duration of pregnant mothers will have the following ideas: Can I afford this child?Can I sleep later?-The most stupid things can also trigger them.Moms said that when they saw TV advertisements, photos of baby wearing clothes, and an old song in the radio, they suddenly cried.The mood of pregnant women is like wearing it on the fingertips, so you have more response to anything.After your collapse, you may be crazy, thinking, what’s wrong with me?This will make you upset again.As long as it is normal to remember this, try to laugh and continue.

Another confusing symptoms appear in the early stages of pregnancy, and mothers call it "baby brain".At this stage, the level of progesterone is extremely high, which is a sedative hormone, but it can also cause confusion and forgetfulness."

After you have spent the first three months of pregnancy, you will enter the best state: you can finally tell others that you are pregnant!The symptoms of morning vomiting disappear, and you start to show your arms, which means that even strangers will treat you as a celebrity, and you start to feel your baby is moving.If you know the child’s gender, the child may appear more realistic.At this time, you may find your eyebrows and laugh, laugh at your husband in the boring meeting, and be tempted to your husband in the bedroom.

When you are close to the due date, your excitement will become irritable as your body shape becomes larger, making sleep becomes an impossible task.You may start to worry about the actual mechanism of childbirth and the huge changes in the upcoming life.At this time, you may get angry with everyone, especially your partner, he may not know how to help you.

At this stage, another main manifestation of pregnant women is a strong desire to clean up and organize.This is due to the increase in oxytocin, oxytocin is a nest hormone, preparing for uterine delivery and breastfeeding, and it is also an emotional last fight.Your entire world is about to change, so you think, what can I control?You try to restore a world that is about to become extremely chaotic.Moms told me that I would like to scrub the floor until the floor was on, and they had to fold each towel again.

Whether you are seeing the sobbing of your baby’s advertisement or crazy stacking clothes, there are some ways to help you get rid of this madness: it is normal to know.Who says that pregnancy should mean the overall happiness, no one is pregnant.Accept such a fact: sometimes you will be happy, sometimes you are nervous, and sometimes you are worried.This has nothing to do with how much you love your children.

1. Talk to other mothers

Or on the Internet, or with another pregnancy, so that you can exchange opinions from each other and laugh at each other’s madness.

2. Pet love yourself

Yes, you have a lot of things to do, but you must take out time to read a book you like or make a pregnancy massage to relax.

3. Tell you how your partner helps you

Don’t give him some suggestions because he instinctively doesn’t know how to help you.For example, you can tell him: When I cry, I need you to get me a glass of orange juice, and then leave the room quietly.

4. Seek help when needed

If you have been crying, your mood has been low for more than two weeks, and there is no pleasant moment in the meantime, or you feel worthless or hopeless, you may need to ask a doctor.Women may begin to develop postpartum depression before their children are born.

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