After pregnancy, I found my boyfriend married!Shaoxing girls come to Anhui to find people!Now I have been black …

Xiaoyang in Shaoxing, Zhejiang recently found a man in Hefei. Xiaoyang said that the man she was looking for was the father of her child in her belly.Why ask him?Because the child’s father was a woman of a woman, she dared to do it. She had deceived her for pregnancy, and now things have been hid.

"Never told me that he has a family"

At about 3 pm on November 13th, the reporter met with Xiaoyang in Feidong County. Her due date was on the 14th next month. She was nearly produced. At this time, I came from Shaoxing to Hefei.The father met and gave the emotional entanglement between them.

Xiaoyang said that he hoped that Xiao Kang would return the money he owed to himself, and talk about the child’s support. Don’t waste each other’s energy and time."Because I am also very busy now, I am busy making money, I want to raise children, I don’t have time to run to Hefei once again and again."

Xiaoyang is 29 years old. At the end of 2017, she met Xiaobi of the same company. Xiaobiao was 94 years old, three years younger than Xiaoyang.

Xiaoyang said, "We are a company, and then they are a group with a roommate of my room, and then play together, and then together in March 18, we will not ask too many people together.Things, but everyone in our company knows that he is single, including him, a friend of junior high school, and a friend of junior high school. He is also a company with him.","

The reporter contacted the director of the small antigen company, and the other party told the reporter, "If we go to work at that time, maybe we may have less rest. Except for sleeping, we are basically together. AnywayThe performance of a single boy is because I also have a family. If you are married, it will not be that state. "

Xiaoyang: "We have a division and integration, because in the 1997 of 19 years, I was separated from him at that time. He was with another woman at the time.Go back to me. "

Reporter: "Then you know he is so passionate, why are you still with him?"

Xiaoyang: "It was stupid at that time, because at that time, I changed a place to live and changed a job. Then he didn’t have a job at that time, and then he came to me again and asked me to help him help himIntroduce the work, and then I introduce him to a supervisor. "

In addition to children’s support, there are debt disputes

At the end of June 19 years, Xiaoyang found that he was pregnant for the first time.

Xiaoyang said, "Because at that time we were not working, his bill was also helping him back. What he meant was that we are not good at the economy, not suitable for children, and not suitable for marriage. I accept it.I have been dragging until August, and for four months. "

Xiaoyang said that from June last year to May this year, she and Xiao Kang have always lived together, and the content of the mobile phone often shared with each other, and never found any abnormalities.

Xiaoyang said, "How do I know that I was at the time of the meeting, I received a call from his wife, and then I knew that he had a family. I did n’t know how to start the whole at that time.Well, we were separated that night. The next day he came to tell me, saying that I was married or something, why not say that it was because they were pregnant in college at that time. He thought it was very unpleasantmatter."

The director of the small antigen company said that it was not until Xiaoyang told himself that he learned that Xiaogang had a family."I can’t believe it until now, if possible, his character is too problematic."

And a few days ago when Xiaoyang received a call from Xiao Kang’s wife, she just learned that she was pregnant again.

Xiaoyang said, "He just wanted to let me do it, and then I said that I would not do it. Because when I was going to have a miscarriage the previous time, the child died in front of me, and I regret it at the time, so now I am regretted, so now I regret it, so now I regret it, so now I regret it, so now I regret it, so now I regret it, so now I regret it, so now I regret it.I know, this time I decided to want this child, I don’t want to regret it again. "

Xiaoyang insisted on giving birth to a child. Xiaobang and his wife could not discourage them many times. After that, Xiao Kang directly found Xiaoyang’s hometown and threw her a support agreement.

Xiaoyang: "But at that time, when I looked at that agreement, I felt that he wrote very unreasonable and harsh. With a change in living level and a change in society, I had the right to increase the increase in the support fee year by year."

Xiaoyang said, "Later, his wife appeared, and opened the door and scolded me over there, saying that I was a small three, and I said that you were deceived. I didn’t say that he was a fraud.Well, I contacted my lawyer when I went back at night and drafted my own agreement, but because he took all my contact information. "

Xiaoyang said that in addition to the raising problem to be negotiated, there is also debt disputes between her and Xiao Kang.

Xiaoyang said that Xiaosang has not started to work since 19 years, and his parents did not give him any money, so there was no way to pay the bill."I don’t have the public expenditure. If you look at the transfer record, I calculate more than 230,000, and then he has always returned me one after another, and it will be more than 170,000 in around July." AlsoThat is to say, at present, Xiaogang still owes 67,000 yuan.

However, the total amount of the arrears calculated by Xiaosang and Xiaoyang has not been repaid, so it has not been repaid.

Xiaoyang told reporters that Xiao Kang means that he is depressed now, there is no way to work at home, and the money is not yet out. All things are given to his wife to do it, and he has no way to contact Xiaosang.

"I have all the evidence of her to make a junior" here "

So is it really as Xiaoyang said?Why does the child’s father Xiao Kang avoid seeing it? Is he willing to negotiate to solve this matter?In order to see the previous side with Xiaobang, the reporter asked about the household registration address provided by Xiaoyang all the way.

The reporter came to Xiaosang’s hometown and hoped to ask him about Xiao Kang.Under the guidance of the villagers, the reporter found Xiaosang’s home.

There is only Xiao Kang’s grandma at home. She said that Xiao Kang did not often come back during the New Year. She didn’t know much about her grandson.Xiao Kang’s grandmother contacted Xiao Kang’s father by phone.Xiao Kang’s father said that he was working in a foreign country and did not know about this situation, and he could not contact Xiao Kang himself.

"I am still on the construction site. How can I solve me to contact him and see, he doesn’t live with us, we are all rented houses." Xiao Kang’s father said.

Xiao Kang’s father said that he was not sure if he could contact Xiaobang himself. Let us wait patiently. On the evening of the same day, the reporter brought Xiaoyang to the local villagers’ committee.

The reporter hopes that the staff of the community villagers’ committees can help contact Xiaobang, and hopes that Xiaosangneng will meet with Xiaoyang.If Xiao Kang insisted on not showing up, he would take a judicial approach in the future.

In the early morning of the next day, the reporter came to Fedong County again to meet with Xiaoyang, but she told reporters that Xiao Kang still did not actively contact her, but she received a transfer information from Xiao Kang’s wife.

Xiaoyang: "How do you calculate only 30,000?"

Xiaobang’s wife: "We have no computer fee, what does the computer fee have to do with us? The cost of your last hospitalization of fetal tire has nothing to do with us."

Xiaoyang: "Why doesn’t it matter? He promised to bear the money of the operation, but at that time he had no money. It was me on the pad, the money of the computer.He wants to play games. "

Reporter: "Can you let Xiaogang take the phone?"

Xiao Kang’s wife: "Just tell me what you have."

Reporter: "Can you represent him? Why didn’t he come out to deal with his own things?"

Xiao Kang’s wife: "I tell you, I have all her proof of being a junior, she should not drag it here."

Reporter: "Do you have any evidence? Why is she said that she is a primary three?"

Xiao Kang’s wife: "After she knew that after he had a family, he used the child in her belly to entrust others to threaten me. Please ask her to take out the evidence. I am not afraid to get evidence. You can just find a lawyer. Do n’t engage in any media."

Xiaoyang said that what Xiaobang’s wife said that he threatened him to divorce, which was a WeChat sent by a stranger.

Xiaoyang said, "They all think this person is me, but at all, I also checked this trumpet, and they have been canceled."

It was the letter from this stranger that asked Xiao Kang’s wife to discover the existence of Xiaoyang in May this year.

Xiaoyang said that during her break -up with Xiao Kang, Xiaoshan, another girlfriend of Komang, could also confirm that Xiao Kang was indeed concealed the fact that he had been married and associated with others.

Xiaoshan: "Yes, he showed the state of being single, and he hasn’t mentioned his wife and children."

"I will be responsible for rejection of negotiation, I will be responsible for the legal liability"

Xiao Kang’s wife said that their husband and wife are now in Jiangsu and cannot meet us. In order to contact Xiao Kang himself, the reporter tried to communicate with his wife with SMS. At about 12 o’clock, Xiao Ai used his wife’s mobile phone.The number returned the phone.

Xiaobang: "You listen to me now, I’m not here to accept your interview, and now I want to show what my position is. First of all, I refuse to negotiate.I also read it. I did n’t expect that I was interviewed one day. The media was a double -edged sword. If I were scum, you exposed me, OK has no problem, but from another perspective, the media is more.To restore the truth, I will give you a restoration of this matter. From May, I went to her house five times in total to negotiate and solve this problem. "

But Xiaoyang told reporters, "Their original intention is that I have to accept what conditions I give you. It is not a sincere attitude of negotiation, so I have always been unacceptable to this attitude."

Xiaobang: "She didn’t contact me. I said, I gang her because my wife doesn’t want me to have any relationship with her, but I have a file with a file. I told her that this money was this moneyI will definitely pay back. "

Reporter: "This 377 is repaid, is it?"

Xiaobang: "I think it’s still clear, I don’t think I owe her anything."

Xiaoyang said that he felt that he had nothing wrong, and Xiaoyang was too active.

Xiao Kang: "She has been describing very well, she is very gentle to me, loves me very much, says it will be good to me. I clearly told her that I could not be with her. She said that she would not ask for a return."

Reporter: "If they are all single, there are no big problems for girls to pursue boys."

Xiaobang: "I don’t think, driving downstairs in my house, I don’t leave when I rely on my room. Even if I dates back to the first time, what she did, I went to my house, and I didn’t leave in the middle of the night.Stay. "

Xiaoyang said, "At that time was a period of ambiguous. He suddenly sent a message saying that we broke up. I was in a hurry and called him, but I couldn’t tell the phone clearly, so I drove to his house to find him. I admit thatAt that time, I really liked him, so I wanted to work hard. I was determined to break up in the same time and went to Japan to travel, but after returning, he took the initiative to find me.Let me go home with you. "

Reporter: "Then you told her that you have a family?"

Xiaosang: "Why do I tell her, I am not familiar with her, I have nothing to do with her."

Reporter: "Where is the child?"

Xiaobang: "I tell you clearly that this child was deceived. I don’t think it is love, I think it is a conspiracy."

Reporter: "Even if she takes the initiative to embrace, should you not refuse as a man with a family?"

Xiaosang: "Then I don’t say it, you have to figure out the node. I was at the edge of a divorce with my wife at that time. This my friend knows it."

Reporter: "There is no divorce on the edge of the divorce, and the marriage is also a husband and wife during the duration of marriage."

Xiaobang: "What do I have to have a relationship with her and wife, what do you mean, any woman knows that someone else has a husband or a husband, or later knows that someone else has a husband and insist on having children.?"

Regarding the cost of support, and arrears of over 37,700, Xiao Augi said that he now refuses to negotiate.

Xiaoyang said, "I refuse to negotiate. If this child is mine, then there is no problem. If you take the legal procedure, I will be responsible for the legal responsibility."

Xiaoyang said, "I didn’t come to meet, and I could only take the last step. Everyone spent time and energy of judicial procedures."

This Xiaosang He De, played his wife and Xiaoyang, and one was about to divorce, because Xiaoyang appeared, and reconciled with Xiao Kang and the enemy;I lost my job.Fortunately, Xiaoyang is completely awake. I believe she will learn from this lesson, stay away from this irresponsible man, and live a good life with the child.

Reporter reporters

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Source: Anhui Radio and TV Station

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