After pregnancy, is the breasts of pregnant mothers changed normally?

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not think that only the stomach will grow. In fact, many places in the body are undergoing tremendous changes.Breasts are no exception. Many pregnant mothers will find that their busts have several cups larger than before, but things are not as simple as the surface. Let’s take a look at what kind of changes have happened during pregnancy during pregnancy.Intersection

First Experience

Starting from 5 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers have to face a lot of changes. The breasts begin to swell, the areola becomes larger, darkened, and the blood vessels on the skin become crisscross.The breasts will become sensitive. Once they touch it, it will have pain, but it is normal for expectant mothers in the early pregnancy.In order to reduce the discomfort brought by ordinary bras to pregnant mothers, try to prepare dual -use bras during pregnancy and lactation in advance, so that the economy is affordable.

Chest sensitivity period

With the large amount of estrogen secretion during pregnancy, not only the metabolism of the whole body is accelerated, but the breast ducts in the breast will become thicker; this is why the breasts of expectant mothers will be about a cup.But don’t think that only the breasts become bigger during pregnancy.In the sensitive period, the breasts of the pregnant mother can be said to be able to look at it from a distance, because as long as you touch it lightly, it will be sore.Therefore, usually pregnant mothers should care for breasts, and it should be noted that do not ignore the nipple care.In order to better breastfeeding in the later period, the pregnant mother uses pure sheep fat cream to soften the nipple in advance, so that the baby’s entrance is easier; when the nipples are cracked during breastfeeding, sheep fat paste can also be used to repair the nipples.

Do not squeeze first milk

When the body of the expectant mother is already "breastfeeding" and all preparations are prepared, the breast may drip out, and this may occur before production.The first milk is generally slightly yellow, the texture is thick, and the nutrition is rich. It should be noted that the expectant mothers must not squeeze.Some pregnant mothers will have colostrum at about 37 weeks of pregnancy.When secreting the collapse, most of them will feel the hot chest hot. Do not squeeze at this time. Just wash it with water.


Before pregnancy, expectant mothers can go to the hospital to do a test about breast gland. Once you find that there are problems, you can deal with it in time without affecting future breastfeeding.During pregnancy, you should also go to the hospital for examination on time. Doing the breast examination during pregnancy is to love children and care for the mother.

After pregnancy, in addition to joy, there will be a lot of physical changes, good and bad, but this is the process of giving birth to babies.If there is no way to avoid these unfavorable factors, face it and use your own efforts to improve as much as possible.

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