After pregnancy, is the taste of pregnant mothers so tricky?Want to eat toothpaste?Don’t worry, you are not alone

Many women will find that their tastes have changed before after pregnancy.

Some women find food that they don’t like to eat before, but often want to eat some after pregnancy.And after pregnancy, the taste of pregnant mothers may more like to eat hot and sour taste foods.However, we must know that during pregnancy, women cannot be partial, and we must pay attention to the balanced nutrition of diet.

There is such a set of pictures on Weibo. The picture tells that many Baoma’s taste changes after pregnancy.When there was a picture, when a pregnant mother was at home, she suddenly cried, and her husband asked her what happened?She said she wanted to eat the box lunch on the high -speed rail.There is also a pregnant mother that she wants to eat mint toothpaste after pregnancy. She always wants to swallow a little when brushing her teeth.

Netizens commented that after women, will their tastes become so tricky?

Netizen A: The woman who wants to eat mint flavor toothpaste is so cute. When I am pregnant, I often like to eat sour things.

Netizen B: Actually, after pregnancy, women’s tastes will change.

Netizen C: Although the taste changes, it cannot be partial, otherwise the nutritional is uneven and affect the baby’s development.

So what changes will happen after women are pregnant?

Some Baoma may find something she likes to eat after pregnancy, but she doesn’t want to eat during pregnancy.Because there may be pregnancy vomiting during pregnancy, women may feel physical discomfort, so they do not want to eat some food when they see it.

There will also be some women who find that after pregnancy, they have had something that they did not like to eat before, but they felt very delicious.One mother said that she was a southerner in 13 weeks of pregnancy. She hated pasta in the north and only liked to eat rice, but she always wanted to eat noodle dumplings after pregnancy.

There are also some pregnant mothers who are not picky in daily life, but their mouths become particularly picky after pregnancy. They can accept the food they like to eat.And they often don’t like to eat meat.

Many women have reported that they like to eat spicy food after pregnancy, and fish only eat sauerkraut fish.There are many women with heavy taste after pregnancy.

So why does the taste change after pregnancy?

After women are pregnant, the level of estrogen in the body increases higher than usual, and the sensitivity of the body will increase.And under the influence of hormones, the placenta will secrete a large amount of HGG. This substance will have a certain inhibitory effect on women’s gastric acid secretion. Therefore, women will have some appetite for food and have partial food.

Some experts believe that after pregnancy, women’s taste and sense of smell change are also a kind of physiological reaction that protects the fetus in human evolution. For example, some pregnant women will automatically reject smoke and alcohol after pregnancy. These are harmful to the fetus.thing.

In fact, after pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman will automatically refuse some foods they do not like to eat, because they may lack another substance in their bodies, such as women who like to eat heavy flavors during pregnancy.The way to enter the water.

You should know that the taste of women during pregnancy will change some, but it is still necessary to maintain a balanced diet. Do not pick up and picky eaters. The nutritional balanced diet can ensure the nutritional needs of the fetus.

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