After pregnancy, pregnant women may harvest a beautiful doll, you might as well try

This era is an era of looking at the face. Parents can also find that people are often more patient and more considerate for some children who look better.

According to scientific research, if the child looks more beautiful, people’s tolerance will be greatly improved, and the environment of such children’s life is generally harmonious.

Because sweetness is not very good, he has been discriminated against when looking for a job. Although his education is relatively high, he can’t pass every time you get the interview.

Not only that, she also spent a lot of effort when she was looking for the object. She said that seeing the soul does not look at the skin, but how many people can do this?So when she was pregnant, she always wanted to make the baby look better in some ways.

Especially for the children’s eyes, the sweet requirements are particularly high, because the sweetness and her husband’s eyes are not too large, she always worried that the child’s eyes will be relatively small, so she also tried a lot of items during pregnancy.Hope to make children get a pair of big eyes.

Many substances can pass through the placenta barrier. Everyone knows that although the fetus and pregnant women are just connected by a umbilical cord, all the nutrients in the body of the pregnant woman can be passed to the fetus.

Therefore, if pregnant women usually pay more attention to eating items, and the nutritional nutrition is more comprehensive, then a beautiful baby can be harvested.

Usually eat more water products

Now that economic conditions are developed, people’s food is more and more. Even people in the mountains in the north can often eat aquatic products.

Aquatic products are very beneficial to pregnant fetuses. These aquatic products often contain many iron, zinc, and selenium, which is very beneficial to the development of children’s eyes.

Many parents know that if the child’s eyes are relatively small, the impact on the facial features is very large. Eat more aquatic products during pregnancy can help the eyes develop better, and you can also take DHAs here, and you can harvestA super -intelligent baby.

Food color is diverse, don’t be single

You can find that there are a lot of foods that you usually eat, red, yellow, blue, green, green, blue, and purple, all kinds of colors are everything.

Because of their different colors, there is a big gap between the nutrients contained in them, such as the blueberries that people often eat, which are rich in many anthocyanins.

Avicant can not only anti -aging, but also has good benefits for the growth and development of the baby, especially for the development of the baby’s retina. It is also very favorable. It can also prevent myopia from eating it frequently.

Drink more milk

Dr. Zhang Wenhong of Fudan University said more than once that if he wants to increase his resistance, you need to eat more beef and drink more milk.

In fact, this is the same for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the physique of pregnant women is often weak. Drinking more milk can strengthen the physique and be more beneficial to the development of the fetus.There are also more demand, drinking milk often can help supplement calcium.

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, pregnant women’s taste of food is also very picky. For some time, I especially want to eat sweetness. I especially want to eat spicy food for a while.During pregnancy, how much pregnant women are.

If you want your baby to develop better and become more beautiful, these types of items must be prohibited from eating.

In the hot summer, everyone wants to eat some cold foods to relieve the impatient mood, so many people eat some cold items in summer.

Such as ice waterfront, ice cream, etc. These items are for pregnant women, it is simply taboo. After pregnancy, these items must be eaten less.

The stimulation of cold foods to the gastrointestinal tract is very large. Originally, the gastrointestinal tract was very fragile due to pregnancy during pregnancy.

At this time, eating some cold items, the gastrointestinal tract of pregnant women will be more harmful.Not only that, when eating some cold foods, it can also cause uterine contraction, which may cause the baby’s abortion.

In addition, longan in summer is a kind of fruit that many people like, but if you eat too much longan, you may have constipation, and constipation is very unfriendly for pregnant pregnant mothers.Therefore, do not pour oil on the fire during pregnancy, try to eat as little fruits that are easy to get angry.

Pregnant women need to pay close attention to the diet during pregnancy. Keep in mind the taboo foods. Do not talk about it for a while, bring great harm to later.

Now it is really a society with a higher requirements for face value. Everyone can also find that more and more women in cosmetic surgery are now more and more. Instead of letting their children grow up in danger of life, why do parents cannot hold back for a momentWhat about your mouth?

Each child is a mother’s baby. Presumably for the child’s face, pregnant women will be able to pay more attention during their diet and make the baby a beauty.

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