After pregnancy, the taste of pregnant mothers will change, but pregnant mothers who prefer these two flavors must be careful

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The pregnant mother after pregnancy, with the increase of pregnancy, will gradually feel that the body is changing quietly. While enjoying the new life, she will also be accompanied by a series of pregnancy reactions that make the pregnant mother unbearable, such as nausea, pregnancy vomitingwait.

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers have always been disgusting, while some pregnant mothers will change their taste. Even foods that they do n’t like to eat before, they like it very much after pregnancy.

Since my friend has become particularly like to eat bananas since pregnancy. You know, friends did not like to eat bananas before, because she thinks that bananas are dry, there is really nothing to eat.

However, since I was pregnant, my friends have been particularly liked to bananas. I have to buy every time I go to the supermarket. Although I eat so many bananas and I do n’t know that there is no benefit, but now it is at least to a large extent to alleviate the constipation during pregnancy.

1) Estrogen effect

After women, the level of estrogen in the body will increase, and the sensitivity of the feeling will increase. Moreover, research shows that the increase in estrogen will make women more sensitive.

In addition, estrogen also affects the secretion of placenta secretion, inhibits the secretion of gastric acid, and also affects the pregnant mother’s desire for food.

2) Protect the physiological reaction of the fetus

Experts believe that after pregnancy, the change of taste and smell of smell is a physiological response to protect the fetus by human evolution.

Especially after pregnancy women, they will refuse food, drinks, coffee, etc., which are not beneficial to fetal development, and largely avoid threats to fetal development.

3) Fetal development needs to draw more nutrition

Some experts believe that women after pregnancy will automatically reject foods that they don’t like in the body, and prefer those foods that are scarce in their bodies, like eating some sour foods, can stimulate stomach acid and make themselves more appetite.Essence

In fact, such behavior also confirms the saying of "what to eat", because what food you want to eat may be the nutritional element that you lack or fetal development, and the food can be satisfied.

Although the taste of pregnant women during pregnancy is normal, if the pregnant mother prefers these two flavors of food, it is not conducive to the health of themselves and the fetus.

1. Favorite sweets

After pregnancy, many mothers no longer care about weight loss, so they are no longer restrained in diet, and sweets begin to "make".Like chocolate and donuts, they are purchased all boxes and a whole box.

Although eating sweets can make people feel better, these foods with high sugar content can easily lead to fat accumulation and increase the weight of pregnant mothers too rapidly. In addition, taking too much snacks will also make the pregnant mother’s body in the bodyThe increase in blood sugar content directly leads to diabetes during pregnancy, and the fetus will become huge children.

The size of the fetus is too large, which is not only conducive to future delivery, extending the output, but also the danger of dystocia.

2. Like heavy taste

After pregnancy, many mothers will find that their tastes have changed a lot. They used to have a light taste. After pregnancy, they started to like salty and spicy foods. Although they knew that such a heavy taste was not good, she couldn’t help it.

However, long -term diet is so heavy, it will be very easy to get angry, oral ulcers, and particularly prone to thirst. After drinking a lot of water, it will inevitably increase the frequency of going to the toilet.

Moreover, in the middle and late pregnancy, if you still do not pay attention to your diet, you will also increase the phenomenon of edema during pregnancy too much salt.

What’s more serious is that the intake of too much salt can easily lead to increased blood pressure in pregnant mothers and hypertension during pregnancy, which is a great harm to both pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Diverse diet

Each meal must ensure the intake of protein, carbohydrates, fats and trace elements. It is necessary to ensure comprehensive nutrition and avoid the love of a single food, which will cause excessive diet.


In addition to dinner, extra meals can be supplemented on demand, and timely solution can be relieved. This can not only reduce the amount of dining, but also replenish energy in time.


Chewing slowly when eating. According to statistics: those who eat more than 15 minutes are always smaller than those who eat faster, and they are not easy to gain weight and easier to eat.

Topic today: After you are pregnant, which taste is prefer?


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