After pregnancy, there are often 10 changes in women’s bodies.

"Isn’t it just having a child? As for every day, hanging around your mouth?"

When a woman tells her husband about how hard she is pregnant, she often gets answers from men.At that time, my biggest idea was to take him to the delivery experience center, so that he also experienced how it hurts "giving birth".

If pregnancy and childbirth just hurt, we don’t complain about anything.The key is that once a woman is pregnant, physiological and psychological changes make them very painful.

Let ’s take a look together. What changes do women often encounter after pregnancy?

Many women have cold problems, and they often feel cold in summer.But after pregnancy, the physique seems to have changed a lot.In the summer, the air conditioner and the electric fan came into battle, and the pregnant woman also shouted.

In the middle and late pregnancy, as the stomach is getting bigger, many pregnant mothers will encounter frequent urination problems.Every time I enter the toilet, I can’t get out, and I feel that I don’t urinate every time I lift my pants.In addition, I have to get up several times a day at night.

I don’t know why, many women will encounter the problem of leg cramps after pregnancy, especially at night.Every night, when my leg cramps, I groan myself while groaning my legs.Her husband was crying next to him, so he couldn’t get up, let alone help.

Pregnancy is not a disease.Women’s pregnancy is a metaphysics.Some pregnant women spit out, and some pregnant women vomited for a few days, and some did not vomit at all.I belong to the one who spit more seriously, and I feel that I have to spit out bitterness.At this time, my mother -in -law also said, "You can’t do it, I didn’t vomit before."

The insomnia of pregnant women is different from ordinary people. The insomnia caused by ordinary people is really uncomfortable for pregnant women.After finally falling asleep, either was awakened by urine or was awakened by cramps.

When I was pregnant for the first time, my husband was relatively fresh, and basically accompanied everything and did everything.By the second child, pregnant women are basically in the state of freezing, saying that it is not too much to say that it is self -destruction.

After a woman’s pregnancy, in addition to back pain, the most unbearable is pubic pain.When you are back pain, you can find a place to lie down.When the pubic bone hurts, sitting is not, stood, or lying down.Every time I shed tears, my husband always returned to me: "As for it?"

Studies have found that most pregnant women will have constipation and hemorrhoids in the middle and late pregnancy, and husbands blame them on your wrong diet and drinking too little water.

About 20%of pregnant women will encounter the problem of itching of the skin when they are 6 or 7 months pregnant, and that itching makes you unable to fall asleep and unbearable.At this time, the performance of her husband is often ignored, indifferent to care, it is really hot.

With the increase of pregnancy, the stomach will become larger and larger, and the action of pregnant women will become more and more clumsy, and even simple feet, socks, and laces cannot be done.If you let your husband help at this time, they are still laughing at you, which is really angry.

In the physiological changes above, women can tolerate the fetus in the stomach.The most unbearable thing is that he helped him to have children at home, but he was looking for a primary three with you outside, or he would not go home all day.

After a woman is pregnant, she may become emotional. If she is unreasonable, her husband should see more tolerance and understanding in her childhood child.

Men must remember:

Pregnancy is a woman, and pregnancy is never a woman!

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