After pregnancy, this kind of fruit is best not to eat more, it is not good for yourself and the fetus

Pregnancy is also a very happy time for each of our families, so there are a lot of moments for our pregnant mothers. It is also a very important moment. It can bring very good help to our bodies.It is the most important benefit. So for some fruits after pregnancy, you ca n’t eat it, and it will also bring great harm to our fetus. So what kind of fruit is it?

Why not eat more

1. High potassium content in durian, high blood pressure during pregnancy, those who are fat for pregnant women, should not consume patients with gestational diabetes.

2. High sugar content in durian, eating too much will increase blood sugar, the fetus is susceptible to huge children, and it is not good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

3. Although the cellulose content in durian is high, it will absorb water and swell in the abdomen when eating too much, causing or aggravating constipation during pregnancy.

4. High calories of durian, which belongs to thermal fruits. Too much eating can make the body watched and heat, which is not conducive to the tire, and it can easily lead to the symptoms of fetal poisoning in the fetus.

How to eat durian correctly

Of course, if you don’t eat too much durian, it does not mean that you can’t eat durian.Pregnant mothers must eat correctly in order to use the nutritional value of durian.

1. In the absence of constipation during pregnancy or pregnant mothers, it is not recommended to eat durian to avoid aggravating physical discomfort.

2. The fetal examination is large. It is best to eat less or not durian. The durian sugar content is high, which can easily promote the fetal development of a huge child.

3. The amount of pregnant mothers eat durian. It is recommended that within 100 grams per day, the size of almost a orange is not suitable for too much.

4. Can not eat food with durian, pregnant mothers must remember in their hearts.For example, lamb, beef, mangosteen, crab, eggplant, milk, etc.

During pregnancy, be a expectant mother who can eat fruit

1. Eat fruits according to physical fitness

If the pregnant mother is a hot constitution and eats less hot fruits, it is advisable to eat slightly cool fruits.The hot fruits include longan, lychee, durian, etc.It is advisable to eat grapefruit, pear, dragon fruit, tomato, apple, orange, etc.

If pregnant mothers are cold, they can choose more warm fruits and eat less cold fruits.The cold fruits include watermelon, mango, mangosteen and so on.It is advisable to eat cherries, grapes, peaches, etc.

2. Precautions for eating fruits

1. Do not drink a lot of water after eating fruits, so as not to encounter a large amount of water in the fruit in the fruit, fermentation in the abdomen causes diarrhea.

2. It is better to arrange fruits between two meals. It is recommended that the amount of fruits per day is not recommended to exceed 500 grams.No matter how good the fruits can be replaced, if the fetus is large, eat less fruits, especially the fruit with high sugar content.

3. In order to alleviate frequent urination during pregnancy, do not eat more fruits of diuretic, especially before going to bed at night, it is not suitable for eating high sugar, large water, diuretic fruits.Such as watermelon, grapes, etc.

There are a lot of fruits that cause great damage to our body, so in normal times, for pregnant mothers after pregnancy, it must be healthy and effective in diet.Poor the disease and bring very great harm to our pregnant mothers. Otherwise, it will seriously endanger the psychology of our pregnant mothers. The health of this aspect will cause our pregnant mothers to have a very big harm.

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