After pregnancy, weight is crazy?Do three or three less, the weight control during pregnancy is no longer difficult

Before Zhizhi was pregnant, he was a dance teacher. He was 1.63 meters tall and weighed 100 pounds. He was very slim, but after pregnancy, the class was not on.After 14 weeks, the weight rose up, and Xiaozhi didn’t care much about it, because he heard that others said that the child was more nutritious and the child was good, and it was good to bring it in the future.

In 6 months, when I went to the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, the weight grew to 130 pounds. The doctor said that the weight is too fast. It is recommended to go to the nutrition department.The situation was given to her recipes and recommended exercise methods, and told Xiaozhi to pay attention to controlling weight. Otherwise, the child would be too difficult to give birth, and the mother’s postponement would not recover because it was too heavy.

Xiaozhi is a relatively obedient mother. He strictly follows the recipes and suggestions of Dr. Ma in the nutrition department to eat and move. Slowly, the weight of the fetus is not affected., Gave birth to a 7 -pound healthy male treasure, and his body recovered quickly after giving birth.

However, Xiaozhi cousin was pregnant at the same time as her. The two were 100 pounds of weight before pregnancy, and their height was almost 162 cm.When I said to control my body, I didn’t say anything. The cousin still eats and drinks the same. As a result, it was found that the blood sugar was high in 7 months, and then it was not well controlled. In the end, the blood pressure was higher. Later, I arrivedAt 38 weeks, the section is about to give birth, and the child’s body is relatively weak.

The weight growth of pregnant mothers will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus, and our weight is too small and too small. The impact on the fetus is not good.Now that the living conditions are good, most pregnant women are reflected in the weight growth too fast.

1. The body burden is heavy

The weight growth is too fast, and it is a burden on the mother’s heart. Too fat pregnant women feel pant when they go to the stairs.Jing Ma had a great weight during pregnancy. She used to go to the fifth floor in one breath, and then weighed 40 pounds after pregnancy. It felt uncomfortable on the second floor.

And the pressure on the knee is also great. Our knees are under pressure from the whole body. If we say that we gain too much weight, we will also cause a great burden on the knee.I also feel knee pain.

2. It is easy to cause high blood sugar to be too high

After pregnancy, our blood glucose control ability will decline. In order to make the fetus grow better, but if we do not control it, the blood glucose cannot control it will cause the blood glucose during pregnancy to become higher, the fetus is too large, and it will cause difficulty.

3. The change of body shape after pregnancy recovers the difficulty

During pregnancy, we have a lot of weight. The most of them are fat, and the fat is difficult to get on. It is difficult to recover after delivery.

Some people can’t see her pregnancy from the back when she is pregnant. Even when she is about to be born, she looks like a girl from the back. Only when she saw the belly in front, she found that she was pregnant.And when they took pictures, they did not look at their stomachs, but if they looked at a face, they could not see fat or pregnant at all.For example, most of our pregnant female stars can’t even see even for several months.

Because the pregnant mother’s weight control is well controlled, the weight is just that it grows in the growing place.Other places should not grow.And some mothers do not pay attention to controlling weight when they are pregnant. For example, Xiaozhi ’s cousin, after pregnancy, not only has a big belly, her chest becomes larger, her buttocks become larger, and their legs become thicker.Essence

You know that fat is like psoriasis. Once you grow your body, it is not so easy to fall.

The ideal weight when pregnancy is to allow our fetus to grow and develop sufficient nutrition, fetal weight, fetal amniotic fluid, and body fluids that grow in order to cooperate with fetal growth and development, or the fat accumulated for breastfeeding after the child.

Must grow weight:

Full moon fetuses are 6 ~ 8 catties; placental amniotic fluid or the weight of the uterine muscle layer is 3 ~ 4 catties; the blood capacity increases by 2 to 3 catties; The energy of part of the postpartum reserve is also for smooth breast milk.Generally speaking, 8-9 catties is added.

The weight of the fetus, the weight of amniotic fluid, blood capacity, and body fluid tissue, as long as it is pregnancy, the weight must be increased at 14-19 catties, plus some of the necessary fats to be pregnant. Essence

These weights can fluctuate. If you are fattened before, you must pay attention to not growing too much in your pregnancy, and even use your previous excessive fat burning to provide energy to prevent your weight from growing too fast.

Generally speaking, we calculate ourselves and the BMI index before pregnancy. The calculation formula is: BMI = Weight (kilogram) ÷ square meter (Mi 2).For example, Xiaozhi weighs 10 catties of 50 kg, 163 cm tall is 1.63 meters, 1.63 square meters are 2.6569, BMI is 500/2.6569 = 18.8.

And different BMIs before pregnancy recommend that the weight of growth after pregnancy is different. Before pregnancy, the weight index is more fat and the weight increases less.Fat, which is convenient for postpartum breastfeeding.

Generally, a single suggestion is as shown below: thin and long, fat and less fat


1. Exercise

There are no special situations during pregnancy, such as multi -fetal or front placenta is not conducive to exercise. It is recommended to take a walk every day, go fast, yoga and other aerobic exercises, and do it for more than half an hour a day.I feel comfortable during exercise, and I won’t be too uncomfortable.

2. Multi -weighing weight

It is recommended that you buy a weight meter at home. Every morning, when you get up to the toilet, you can wearing weight on an empty stomach, wearing thin clothes, understand your weight changes, and increase your weight according to your own standards.

3. Eat more foods with more dietary fiber

For example, high dietary fiber foods such as oats, brown rice, black rice, and green leafy vegetables are helpful for controlling weight. It can also increase our sense of satiety. It is not too hungry after eating.

Three youngs:

1. Stay up late

After staying up late, I feel hungry, and most of the supper is high -calorie and high -fat foods. After eating, I go to bed quickly. All of them become fat accumulated in the body, and the weight will grow faster.

2. Eat less sugar

Not only are we talking about candy, but also biscuits and bread, such as biscuits and bread, will be added with white sugar to eat less or not even, but also various milk tea sold on the streets and alleys. The sugar content is also very high.These sugar is a pure -calorie food. We don’t need so much to become fat.

3. Eat less fried food

The fragrant fried food has made many people appetite, and let’s not say that there is any component for fried food for the bad body. It is said that the calories of fried foods are also very high. Eating it will make people feel fatter.

Mother Jing said: Pregnancy is a wonderful journey. We hope that my mother will get a happy baby here, which can also make their bodies as good as ever, and the body is still so good, so controlling weight is important.

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