After pregnancy, what is going on with the buttocks? Can you still return to the original? Do you know?

Guide: After pregnancy, what happened when the buttocks are big?Can you still restore the original?

@: There should be no way to control this.We change our body when we are pregnant.Some changes will happen to prepare for us in the future.

@Mommy: This is normal. Everyone’s condition is mostly different, and the breasts will become bigger and bigger.

@小 Mommy: Hello, you can do more hips, so that you can improve it. Generally, the buttocks in the hips will be a little more.

After pregnancy, the buttocks become larger. By the time of pregnancy, the butt will not only become greater, but also pain. As the fetus grows and develops, the pelvis of pregnant women will slowly grow with the increase of the uterus.Give it to the needs of the fetal growth and development. This situation is a bit similar to the stretch of the skin ligament of the abdominal skin of pregnant women. After giving birth, the ligament is slowly contracted and recovered, and the pelvis of the woman’s hips is the same, but it can only be recovered.It is similar to the original, this is also a sign of a woman who has given birth to a child who has never given birth.

Another situation is that after a woman is pregnant, the hips (that is, butt) are actually similar to the original, but from the appearance, it is much larger than before. This is because with the development of the fetus, the center of gravity of the pregnant woman has gradually moved forward.The pelvis is gradually leaning forward. Pregnant women can easily form a bow and waist tap, and because the pregnant woman’s lumbar spine is convex, the force will be concentrated on the back of the lumbar spine, causing the pain in the third trimester of hip pain. This is most of the most part of the pain.What pregnant women will occur in the third trimester, and every pregnant woman is basically unavoidable. Just take a break. At that time, it was about to "unload" soon.

In short, after a woman is pregnant, she will deform, but after production, she can still restore her body to the same as before, so the subject should not correct it.On the baby, the diet and nutrition are balanced, and give birth to a healthy baby.

Important tips: Women are pregnant, and body deformation is normal.

Topics today: Sisters, after pregnancy, the hips become larger. Do you think it is normal?

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