After pregnancy, what should I eat and make up, we all help you sort it out!

Many mothers who are pregnant and prepared have such a question: How should I eat after pregnancy?

Can’t eat crab / hawthorn / watermelon during pregnancy … Is it true?

Do you need to eat DHA for pregnancy?How to eat it?

What do you need to eat in addition to eating folic acid 3 months before pregnancy?

What should I do if I ca n’t eat it?


In fact, there are two issues to come back:

1. After pregnancy, do you really have so many diet?

2. What nutrition should pregnant women supplement and how to make up?

As a registered nutritionist with 10 years of nutritional experience and the mother of two boys, I am willing to share my experience and professional knowledge with everyone.

General principle of diet during pregnancy

1. These 3 samples must be avoided

Tobacco and alcohol;

Foods that are raw and unprepreted;

Fish with high mercury content;

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2. Make up for key nutrition

Take folic acid, for example, the entire pregnancy needs to be supplemented with folic acid, and the sooner the starter, the better.

In the case of neuromatical defects of newborns, more than half of them are considered to be caused by lack of folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy.

Insufficient folic acid in the body will also increase the risk of expectant mothers giant red blood cell anemia, placental peeling, and hypertension of pregnancy. For fetal baby, it is easy to cause premature birth and low birth weight.

It is conceivable how important it is to supplement folic acid during pregnancy.

Similarly, expectant mothers also need to supplement the nutritional elements such as iron, iodine, DHA, and calcium on time to ensure that the baby needs to grow.

In order to help expectant mothers solve the problem of "when you are pregnant, what should you eat, what should you make up", I summarize the many years of nutritional experience and develop this set of "Nutrition Course during pregnancy" with the mother of Lilac.Follow the course every day.

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As of now, nearly 10,000 mothers have subscribed to this course, and we have also seen it happily that the help it brings to everyone:

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24 -fledged audio course

In 10 minutes, you can systematically master nutritional knowledge

You can not only understand the methods of supplementary nutrients such as calcium, DHA, and folic acid, but also obtain a set of dietary solutions to common problems such as pregnancy, indigestion, constipation, and pregnancy sugar.

Sloping up and down, check the curriculum outline

30 sets of recipes, 10 major theme dishes

Throughout pregnancy, it is not heavy to eat

Covering the entire pregnancy, the nutritional diet plan every day, according to the different flavors of the pregnant mother, divide the 10 major theme dishes including vegetarian, meat, seafood, and noodles.

Specific to what ingredients and how to make it!Simple and easy to learn, you will see it at a glance.

12 photos of nutritional supplements

How to eat, how to make up, it is clear at a glance

It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember it. The list can be saved in your mobile phone. It is very convenient to use it.

You can also share the list with your family, friends, especially your husband, so that you can get better care during pregnancy.

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The course sorted out the high -frequency problem raised by nearly 10,000 pregnant mothers since launching. You may care about the issues that you may care about, and we all think of it.

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