After taking contraceptives or pregnancy, can children ask?

Many female friends have doubts such a question! Why do you still get pregnant after taking contraceptives? If you are pregnant and take contraceptive pills, will it cause damage to your baby? Can you take it? If it is you, facing the above problemsWhat should you do? "" Click to consult

Dr. Wang Xiaoyan, Jinan Maternal and Children’s Hospital reminded:

1. Emergency contraceptives may have the possibility of pregnancy, and regularly taking short -acting contraceptives. The pregnancy rate is relatively low if you take it routinely and not missed.

2. When taking emergency contraceptives and pregnancy, the medical community currently believes that it is possible.In general, the embryo can continue to develop. If pregnant women are worried, the pregnancy test can be done at each stage of pregnancy to exclude abnormal conditions.

Under what circumstances can’t baby?

If you use medicine in the late embryo to bed until 12 weeks, it is easy to cause fetal malformation.At this time, the baby’s organs have developed, and the role of drug teratogenic has been significantly reduced, but for organs that do not fully differentiate, contraceptives will still affect the fetus.It has a certain impact on the fetus’s nervous system! "" Click here to talk about your situation

Under what circumstances can you want your baby?

Generally, contraceptives are taken within 72 hours after the same room. The fertilized eggs generally form a time of 24 to 72 hours, and bed after 7 days.

If you are fertilized at this time, within 2 weeks after fertilization, the first one is abortion or stop development, and the second one has no impact at all.In other words, if you are pregnant after taking contraceptives, as long as the fetal buds and the fetal heart is normal, it means that the baby’s health can be left!

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