After taking emergency contraceptives, I dare not need to be pregnant.

There are too many such things in clinical practice. After taking emergency contraceptives, they are still pregnant. They were informed by friends or doctors that the drug could affect the fetus and performed artificial flow.Can’t this baby really ask?

There used to be a patient, Xiaoli (pseudonym) and her husband have been married for more than a year. Two young people thought about the two -year -old world and had a baby.I usually pay attention to the protection of measures. Some time ago, the two went out to play with friends and drank alcohol, but they ignored it, but afterwards, Xiaoli quickly took emergency contraceptives (Yuting).The menstrual period was delayed, but it was found that the pregnancy test paper was positive and pregnant.Since there is, Xiaoli is still very happy, thinking to be a mother.But listening to friends around me said that after taking the medicine, the child could not ask, and the drug would affect the child’s development.When I went to the hospital, I asked the doctor, and the doctor also said to be plausible. There were no clear suggestions.In the end, after discussing Xiaoli and her husband, she was worried that her child would be deformity or intelligence abnormalities. In the end, she abandoned the child to abort.However, Xiaoli had been uncomfortable after doing artificial abortion, and went to other hospitals to consult.The doctor said that Yuting would not affect the fetus. The baby could be retained. Xiaoli was even more sad after hearing it, and regretted that she decided to make too much grass rate.Can you keep it?

At present, the most widely used emergency contraceptives on the market are Ting or Jin Yuting.Its main component is Zuo Nuo progesterone. These drugs mainly play a contraceptive effect by inhibiting ovarian ovulation, preventing sperm and eggs, and preventing fertilized eggs from bed in the uterus.

The contraceptive power is not 100%, but about 80%to 90%, so women still have 10%to 20%of the chance of pregnancy after taking such drugs.If the drugs taken did not successfully suppress ovarian ovulation, failed to prevent the combination of sperm and eggs, and failed to intercept the fertilized eggs in the uterus, it was possible to get pregnant.

After pregnancy, if no abortion and other abnormalities occur, you can continue pregnancy and keep your baby.

Some people are worried that due to the impact of the drug, the fetal development is deformity. In fact, at this time, the sperm and egg may have just been combined. The fertilized eggs only have a simple cell division, and different human tissues and organs have not been differentiated.Since the organs have not been differentiated, it is not possible to cause malformations on the organs, so there is generally no fetal malformations.Moreover, a large number of clinical data show that after taking emergency contraceptives fails to continue pregnancy, there is no rising phenomenon of malformations and other abnormal probability after birth.So don’t worry about drugs that cause fetal deformity.

In addition, it is also applicable to the "full or no" theory in the early pregnancy.Generally, most of the time to take emergency contraceptives is within 72 hours after the same room. In this time period, the embryo may not have beds, or they may have just bed.At present, the internationally recognized "All or Nothing" theory after the early pregnancy is that in the early stages of pregnancy (that is, within 28 days in the first day of the last day, or within 2 weeks after fertilization), if the medicine is usedNatural abortion occurs, or it is not affected by any.Because the embryo also has a self -correction function during the early cell division. If it is not affected, the cell split is smooth, and the embryo will develop healthily. If the influence of the cell split is not smooth, the embryo will be eliminated naturally.Of course, there are more factors during fetal development, so we need to check on time to check the development of the fetus in a timely manner.

Therefore, in terms of the above analysis, after taking emergency contraceptives, pregnancy can continue pregnancy. The drug generally does not affect the development of the fetus. Do not blindly abortion for this reason.Artificial abortion has a greater impact on the body, and some people may have an artificial abortion and affect the later pregnancy.There may also be other complications, so you must consider it carefully.I also hope that more women can see this article. If there is no plan to get a baby, we usually take conventional contraceptive measures. Do not use emergency contraceptives as a regular contraceptive method, because it is not 100 %.

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