After the 90s, the girl secretly broke the condom to get pregnant in order to catch the rich, and the final result really relieved!

Ms. Zheng, a young and beautiful North Drifting girl, she has always dreamed that she can successfully enter the upper society and live a wealthy life.To achieve this goal, she began to consider to achieve her goal by taking shortcuts.

Occasionally, he met a rich man, Mr. Yang. He was a well -known local business giant and a married person.Ms. Zheng was attracted by his wealth and status, and he decided to use his charm to win him. In order to make herself pregnant with Yang’s child, she once moved her hands and feet, and deliberately broke the condom.This is a long -lasting action, the purpose is to give birth to Yang’s child to allow herself to get his economic support and status.

However, the shocking secret was accidentally broken, and the girl’s life fell to the bottom of the valley.

Ms. Zheng, a post -90s northern drift girl who chased the wealthy life, has always dreamed of becoming a rich wife.On one summer in 2016, she went to Zhengzhou on a business trip on a plane. This journey changed her life trajectory.

On the high -speed rail, she met Mr. Yang, a man of middle -aged gentleman.Mr. Yang is 16 years older than her, and a boring journey has made them talk for a long time.

During the chat, Ms. Zheng learned that Mr. Yang was the owner of the company and was worthy. Ms. Zheng regarded this encounter as a turning point in her life.

She fancy the success and wealth accumulation of his career.For her, marrying a wealthy person can immediately change her life, get rid of poverty and have better material conditions.

When they separated, they exchanged contact information with each other and left the possibility for future communication.

In the next few months, the communication between Ms. Zheng and Mr. Yang continued and gradually heated up.Although the age gap is obvious, Ms. Zheng actively keeps in touch with Mr. Yang every day, and Mr. Yang is also willing to accept her attention.

Their dialogue gradually deviated from ordinary friendship and work topics, and became more and more ambiguous and explicit.Ms. Zheng seized this opportunity and decided to seize the opportunity of "salted fish turn over".

The two often dates to eat.Gradually, Mr. Yang couldn’t resist the temptation, and they developed improper relationships.

After the relationship, Mr. Yang said that she was actually married. After Ms. Zheng learned that Mr. Yang was married, she felt very angry.However, Mr. Yang explained to her that his relationship with his wife was not good, and they were about to divorce.

Hearing this, Ms. Zheng was happy, especially considering Mr. Yang’s wealth, she felt that she could wait.

However, Ms. Zheng’s thoughts were actually based on the assumptions of Mr. Yang’s divorce and married her.She was caught in a dream, unwilling to face the immoral issue of this relationship, and harm to Mr. Yang’s wife and family.

Ms. Zheng decided to force Mr. Yang to divorce through pregnancy in order to quickly get pregnant. She deliberately destroyed the condom and tried to achieve the plan.When she was pregnant, she couldn’t wait to inform Mr. Yang’s "good news".However, beyond her expectation, Mr. Yang asked her to get a fetus and disappeared.

I can’t find Mr. Yang, Ms. Zheng decided to go to Mr. Yang’s parents’ house in person, hoping that this can win some chips for herself.However, she was facing a crying and laughing scene.Mr. Yang’s parents directly kicked her out of the door.

Although Ms. Zheng was unwilling, she decided to go to Mr. Yang again.However, this time Mr. Yang chose not to come up, but let his wife handle Ms. Zheng.

As a result, Mr. Yang’s wife humiliated Ms. Zheng.

At noon one day, Ms. Zheng came to the river and asked Mr. Yang with her on the grounds of jumping in the river.However, it still failed to restore this rich man.

Ms. Zheng was pregnant in October and finally gave birth to a child in order to please Mr. Yang.She named "Zheng Yang" for her child. In fact, this child is just her "money fishing tool".

During Ms. Zheng’s pregnancy, Mr. Yang was indifferent to her.And give her less and less living expenses.Ms. Zheng found.Except for physiological needs, Mr. Yang almost did not accompany her.

Ms. Zheng was very angry and wanted to recover fairness, so she came to the company where Mr. Yang was.He rushed into the building vigorously and shouted directly to the front desk: "I want to see your President Yang, I have to tell him something."

When the front desk saw this lady who was so impatient, I didn’t want to ignore her at first, but considering that people who might provoke it, they still answered with a peaceful voice: "Sorry, lady, we have no surname Yang here. There is no surname Yang here.manager."

When Ms. Zheng heard this, she was a little stunned for a while.But he still felt that this was just an excuse for Mr. Yang to avoid her.

Ms. Zheng, who became more and more difficult for life, sued Mr. Yang to court in 2018 and asked him to compensate for the total losses of 1.1 million yuan and the child’s support fee.

As the case was tried, Ms. Zheng finally discovered a fact that made her regret and desperate: Mr. Yang was not a rich man at all. He was just an ordinary worker with a monthly salary of 6,000.However, Ms. Zheng still did not believe this fact, and she still stubbornly believed that the so -called "rich" was deceiving her.

In order to convince Ms. Yang, Mr. Yang proposed to take her to her home to see the truth.As a result, a large group of people went to Ms. Zheng’s so -called home with Mr. Yang.

When they arrived at the community where Mr. Yang was, Ms. Zheng looked at the dilapidated community, the dilapidated residential building, and even had no elevator.A group of panting climbed up the stairs, and after opening the door, Ms. Zheng finally woke up.

In fact, Mr. Yang is not the one who is a rich man, but an ordinary worker. It is far as rich as Ms. Zheng thought.

Ms. Zheng felt very unfortunate. She thought she had been on the big model through the cleverness, but she finally found that she was deceived. She wasted in a good youth. It was ridiculous that the house she rented in the beginning was actually where Mr. Yang was where Mr. Yang was located.Community.

Mr. Yang’s weaving such lies is completely out of his appearance of Ms. Zheng.Ms. Zheng pursued her superiority to become a rich wife, but she did not notice some details in the process of communication.Mr. Yang’s wife initially advised Ms. Zheng, but unfortunately she did not obey.

The final verdict was required to pay the child for a living expenses of 2,000 yuan per month according to Mr. Yang’s salary level.

The end result can only be said to be herself. The relationship between her and Mr. Yang is only based on the exchange of physical and money, and there is no real emotional foundation.Such a relationship is destined to eventually be empty.

The ending of this farce has been determined from the beginning, and Ms. Zheng also recognized reality.Her vanity and greed eventually made her a toy of others, and what was really injured was the other side of the wife and the children they were involved, because they lost a complete family.

This story gives us an important life course, that is, money and external wealth are not the only criteria for measuring happiness and success.On the contrary, true happiness comes from your own efforts.Only through your own efforts, any speculation is unrealistic to rely on the fantasy of wealth overnight.

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