After the autumn, drink more Tremella soup to teach you the correct practice. Tremella quickly out of glue, sticky and nutritious

After the autumn, drink more Tremella soup to teach you the correct practice. Tremella quickly gums, sticky and nutritious.Hello, everyone, I am a chef Jiang Yizhou.It’s time to share food with you again today. Are you ready?

Now it has entered a cool autumn, and it is easy to get dry when I get up in the morning.At this time, you can get a bowl of silver -ear porridge early in advance, and nutrition belongs to a fungus ingredients.Tremella is rich in vitamin D, which can prevent calcium loss.For children who are growing up, you can also drink more Tremella soup.Tremella is rich in natural glue. For middle -aged and elderly friends, you can also drink more Tremella soup.

Many friends like to drink Tremella soup, but why do I have no collagen every time I boiled at home?Today, I will share the correct practice of boiling Tremella Soup. After learning, I don’t have to worry about it.Get up for ten minutes every day, and a pot of white fungus soup is out of the pot.Well, not much to say, let’s share the dry goods directly with you.Friends who like to drink silver -ear soup, follow me and learn it!

Prepare ingredients: 1 Tremella, 10 grams of yellow rock sugar, 6 red dates, flour, 10 pieces of wolfberry.


1. First prepare a white fungus we put it in water and soak it for four or five hours.If we want to drink silver -ear soup in the morning, we can soak the white fungus in water one night in advance.In this way, you can use it directly the next day.

When you choose Tremella from the supermarket, remember to choose a yellow -colored Tremella.Some supermarkets with plastic wrapped white fungus are not recommended to buy it. White white fungus is generally fumigated by sulfur.There is no nutritional value in such Tremella.It is best to choose a relatively complete Tremella. The broken Tremella store is too long. It is not recommended that everyone eat it.

2. 6 red dates, wolfberry we put in water, and then add a small flour in it.Add an appropriate amount of water and wash it with your hands.The flour has adsorption. The dirt on the surface of the red dates and the surface of wolfberry is completely cleaned. The color of the white fungus porridge in this method is beautiful and relieved.

3. After cleaning the red dates and wolfberry, we drained it to put it in the bowl for later use.Friends who are not troublesome can also draw two knives in the middle of the red dates, so that the porridge is more time -saving.Then start to get angry.

4. Soaked the root of the Tremella and remove its roots, and then tear it into a small flower in a casserole with your hands.Pour directly into the boiling water and have not passed Tremella.Put the prepared red dates in and cover the fire and burn it.Slowly simmer for 45 minutes after the water is opened.You must remember to use a boiling water pot to boil the lumic fungus so that the white fungus is more likely to produce glue.

After 5.45 minutes, add a small wolfberry and yellow rock sugar to the lid to continue to simmer for ten minutes with low heat.After ten minutes, you can get out of the pan.

A delicious, delicious and delicious Tremella porridge is ready.The Tremella soup made by this method saves time and effort and effort, and the whole family boasts your craftsmanship.Like this article, remember to collect and forward it!Let’s see it next issue.

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